This Braided Hairstyle Is Exactly What You Need For Your Next Festival

Peace, love, braids.

Festival time is here, and so is super trendy festival hair. And this year, we’re seeing braids at every venue. It makes sense: Braids are a fun, carefree look, one that keeps your hair out of your face and requires zero fuss as you listen to your favorite bands.

Whether you rock cowboy boots or neon mesh, a cute braid will go with any festival style. So we asked celebrity hairstylist Laura Polko to show us how to get the look.

To start, generously spray dry shampoo for volume. (We recommend Batiste.)

Next, divide hair into three sections. French-braid the middle section to mid-scalp. Once the braid reaches mid-scalp, move to a traditional braid and continue all the way down, braiding it very tightly. Tie the end of the braid with an elastic band.

Next, move to the side braids. On one side, French-braid the hair to mid-scalp. Then, tie the section of hair with an elastic. Repeat on the other side.

To complete the do, loosen the middle braid and add more dry shampoo for a tousled look.

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