And it has over 5,000 5-star reviews on Sephora.

By Braelyn Wood
August 15, 2019
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You know the never-ending struggle of chapped lips that haunts many of us throughout the winter? Well, I don’t—or at least I haven’t for the past three years, thanks to my trusty Laneige Lip Mask ($20;

I first discovered the sleeping lip mask back in 2016 when a smaller sample size of the balm was available as a 100-point purchase for Sephora Beauty Insiders. At the time, I was completely unaware of the Korean beauty brand’s growing reputation in the makeup world—I just liked the pink packaging and fresh berry scent.

That night I applied a layer of the softening balm, which felt more like a gloss than a sheer chapstick. At first, I worried about the mask transferring to my pillowcase or staining my gray linen duvet—but eventually, I decided that this was no different than any other nighttime skincare application.

The next morning, I was shocked to find my bedding clean and a thin layer of product still locked on my lips. It turns out the mask has a built-in Moisture Wrap Technology with an eight-hour release time that combines the power of minerals with beta-glucan to lock in moisture overnight. Similar to hyaluronic acid, beta-glucan keeps you hydrated by preventing moisture from escaping—but it can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles (bonus!!!).

While my lips didn’t become supple pillows overnight, after just a few days of use, they had never felt so hydrated. Prior to my encounter with Laneige I was generally indifferent to lip balms, but I suddenly became a convert. I started to wear the balm constantly—not just as an overnight mask while I slept, but also throughout the day.

laneige-lip-mask laneige lip-mask lips hydration soft chapped woman health beauty mask
Credit: Jonathan Storey/Getty Images

Before I knew it, I was purchasing the full-sized container, just so I could always have it with me (the sample size became my on-the-go balm). The upgraded version meant I got a tiny spatula for applying the perfect amount of product without contaminating the entire container with my fingers. I also discovered the formula was rich in Vitamin C, a mild acid that gently exfoliates to reveal smoother, softer skin. No wonder my chapped lips had become a memory of the past.

While I initially gawked at the $20 pricetag of the full-sized option, I quickly discovered that a little goes a long way. My small sample size is still 50% full after nearly three years of use, while my larger container has at least 75% of the product left, despite daily use. The only reason I’d need to buy a new balm anytime soon is to try out the other two scents, vanilla and apple lime.

Even though my adoration of the Laneige Lip mask cannot be stressed enough, I’m not the only customer completely in love. The mask currently has over 5,500 five-star reviews on Sephora from ecstatic shoppers who agree this lip mask is a must-buy.

An overjoyed reviewer on Sephora raved, “I have had dry raisin lips for so long, I literally forgot what my lips looked like normally, and for the first time in years I saw my real lips. This hydrated my lips, made them look plump, full, and healthy again. No dryness, no cracking, no lip peelies dangling about, no shriveled sad looking lips. I cannot stress how much of a difference this made.”

An Amazon reviewer posted their before-and-after photos of less than two weeks of consistent use. Like me, this customer uses the lip mask around the clock (even under lipsticks) and noticed her “lips are improving everyday.”

laneige-lip-mask laneige lip-mask lips hydration soft chapped woman health beauty mask

I had no idea that this product I stumbled upon would change my lip health so drastically—otherwise, I would’ve captured my own before-and-after shots to share with the world. But I can honestly say that I’ve kissed the dry, chapped lips I often experienced from chilly midwest winters goodbye for good—and with this miracle mask, you can, too!

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