This Natural Mascara Instantly Gives Me Long, Fluffy Lashes—and Gwyneth Paltrow Swears by It, Too

It’s formulated to improve your lashes over time. 

I like to consider myself a loyal person, but when it comes to makeup, this isn't always the case. I love experimenting with different products so much that in order for me to repurchase an item, it has to make a really lasting impression. For this reason, I've cycled through countless mascaras over the years—but my most recent one has me thinking it might be time to finally settle down. Kosas's The Big Clean Mascara transforms my lashes in just one coat and keeps them perfectly curled and fluffy all day long.

There are a few factors that make this mascara stand out; one is its ingredient list. Its formula includes castor oil, which stimulates hair growth, according to dermatologists, as well as biotinoyl tripeptide-1, which the brand says supports healthy, full hair.Experts agree: "Lipids condition and moisturize the lashes, and peptides specifically act on the skin cells of lashes to create a healthier foundation and boost volume," Debra Jaliman, MD, a dermatologist based in New York City, previously told Health. So, not only does the mascara result in longer, fuller lashes upon first application—it also improves them in the long run, too.

Credit: Courtesy of Rebecca Deczynski

The Big Clean Mascara comes in a sleek tube that's heavier than most other mascaras I've tried—this makes it feel high-end. The brush is very full and curved, which makes it easy to apply after I've curled my eyelashes. Just one coat makes them perk up and look fuller on both the top and the bottom. The effect is dramatic enough that I don't even have to bother with a second coat for daytime wear.

But it's not enough to judge a mascara by how it looks upon immediate application—the truth mark of whether or not a product is great is measured by how well it lasts. I've tried countless mascaras, some cheap and some expensive, that fall flat in this regard: By the end of the day, my lashes are straight again and there's a smattering of black flakes under my eyes. After wearing The Big Clean Mascara for about 12 hours, this was not the case. My lashes looked nearly as good as they did in the morning.

Credit: Kosas

I'm not the only one who swears by this impressive product. Clean beauty lover Gwyneth Paltrow told Vogue in March 2021 that she considers it one of her makeup essentials—now that's an impressive endorsement.

I may not be able to resist the prospect of trying yet another mascara in the future, but one thing's for certain: Kosas's volumizing mascara has quickly become one of my favorite go-tos. The results are that good.

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