We have South Korea to thank for these beauty innovations.

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We have South Korea to thank for some of the most innovative beauty products on the market: BB creams, cushion compacts, sheet masks. The number of new (and sometimes strange) beauty trends that come from this small East Asian nation is unparalleled. Here, five of the latest ones we can't stop salivating over.

This amazing 'glass' nail art

The latest trend making its way over from Seoul features a shattered glass effect on the nail. It's not real glass, rather pieces of cellophane that look like shards of glass and reflect light beautifully. The appliqué, which is adhered with a gel or regular top coat, looks great on every polish color and adds texture that's unachievable with other mediums.

The mask-making juicer

Although we love sheet masks, they can be pricey. This new machine makes it a lot easier to DIY them at home, so you can have one whenever you want. All you have to do is load up the device with good-for-you fruits and veggies, and the finished product is a gel mask that disintegrates as you wear it, so the nutrients become absorbed into skin. The machine is currently only available in—yes, you guessed it—South Korea, but we're crossing our fingers that this trend makes its way stateside soon.

These rubber masks

Like instant oatmeal, there's only one step needed to make this cool trend work: just add water. The mask is packaged as powder in a little tub (with a spatula), and once you mix in water, a slimy paste develops. The benefit of a rubber mask? It can truly cover your entire face, whereas sometimes a sheet mask won't fit properly. After you apply the mask, wait ten to fifteen minutes for it to harden into a rubber consistency before peeling it off. Try it: Lindsay Modeling Rubber Mask ($6; glowrecipe.com)

This intense foot peel

We've all had that moment where we've ogled the perfection of tiny baby feet—so smooth! So callus-free! This product claims to revert our paws back to that baby-like state. The catch? It's a chemical peel, so dead skin that's been building up on your foot will flake off into your sock, which isn't a pretty sight (you've been warned). However, once you see the end result, the unpleasant shedding will have been well worth it. Try it: Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel ($25; drugstore.com)

Peel-off lip tint

Although this product does add an extra step to your lipstick routine, the color that's left behind is no joke. Here's how it works: Apply the color just as you would any lip gloss and wait fifteen minutes before peeling off the hardened gel. The result? A beautiful, rich tint that has slightly less pigment than a lipstick. It's a true stain, though, meaning it won't budge even after a night of eating and drinking. Try it: BERRISOM Chu My Lip Tint ($13; amazon.com)