When pit against other deodorants, it’s the clear winner.

By Braelyn Wood
Updated February 28, 2020
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Kelly Ripa is a TV host, fitness queen, and mom of three. I am a writer, classpass member, and parent of three, ahem, dying plants. Cleary, we have *a lot* in common. Despite leading drastically different lives, we do share one obsession: Each & Every All-Natural Deodorant ($15; amazon.com). 

Ripa revealed her adoration for the aluminum-free brand in an interview with The Strategist earlier this week. After ditching deodorant because it “smelled funny” on her and made “things worse instead of better,” the Live with Kelly and Ryan host discovered the organic brand and got hooked.

“Each & Every is different. It’s organic and has real rosemary and real lemon and just everything real. It smells good, not like chemicals, and it actually works. I have my whole family using it,” Ripa raved. 

While I’m not a member of Ripa’s family—adopt me, please?—I can attest that this natural deodorant is the real deal in a world of subpar natural formulas. It’s made with just 6 base ingredients, including moisturizing coconut oil and bacteria-killing salt, so it leaves your skin feeling smooth and smelling fresh for hours after application. Each base is then paired with a unique combination of essential oils that have been safety-verified by the Environmental Working Group

More important than what’s in the aluminum-free formula, however, is what it’s crafted without: It doesn’t have baking powder or alcohol, two irritants found in many all-natural deodorants that often aggravate sensitive underarms. Instead, it uses tapioca starch for an effective formula that dries excess sweat without drying your skin out. 

Plus, the lightweight formula actually smells good. There’s a running joke that most organic deodorants actually make you smell worse, but the Each & Every lineup of scents is proof to the contrary. From lavender and lemon (Ripa’s pick) to rose and vanilla, the delicate fragrance combinations are reminiscent of an expensive candle rather than an organic food shop. 

Credit: amazon

The quick-absorbing deodorant also applies smoothly and has never left a stain on any of my beloved tops. While a few materials seem to obliterate the formula’s effectiveness (primarily mesh), it feels so good on the skin that you don’t mind an extra application.

As a victim of countless natural deodorants—and their accompanying rashes and odors—I’m overjoyed to have finally found a dependable option that works with my body and lasts through my workouts and overheated subways. And I feel even better knowing that me, and my pits, are in good company. 

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