A little line here, a sag or bag there—these telltale clues may make you look even older than you are. Read on, then see the next page for sneaky antiaging fixes for these problems.

Wimpy brows and lashes
Changing hormones can make eyebrows and lashes sparse. Years of over-tweezing damage the eyebrow follicles, making it harder for hairs to grow back.

A crepey neck
Nora Ephron isnt the only woman in America who feels bad about her neck. Crepey skin leads to the dreaded “turkey neck.”

A good reason to wear gloves
A loss of collagen leads to less volume, making veins stand out more. Brown spots and other signs of sun damage begin to make their debut, too.

Sun-damaged chest
If you worship the sun, its going to show up over time as age spots and splotches on your delicate decolletage.

Elephant skin
Who wants elephant elbows or knees? Lax skin creates wrinkles, and dry, flaky patches tend to appear.

Dull, thinning hair
Childbirth, certain medications, and stress all can cause temporary hair loss, but hormonal shifts that happen around menopause may lead to permanent thinning.

Fine lines and wrinkles
A loss of collagen and elasticity reduces skin volume, causing fine lines and wrinkles. Repeated muscle motions—laughing, squinting at the computer screen, sipping lattes through a straw—etch crows-feet around the eyes and marionette lines near the mouth.

Middle-aged mouth
Collagen breaks down, so lips become thinner and you end up with the dreaded "middle-aged mouth." Vertical lip lines may appear.

The perk is gone
Loss of tissue and fat makes breasts lose their fullness. Gravity, breast-feeding, lack of proper support, and lower levels of estrogen make the girls head south.

Sore feet
Years of punishing your feet in ill-fitting shoes can cause painful bunions, cracked heels, and calluses.

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