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These deodorants actually work as advertised, with no white stripes or sticky residue in sight.  

A friend of mine recently Tweeted, "It's 2016, how is it possible that 'invisible' deodorant STILL STAINS YOUR CLOTHES"—and instantly I thought, she's totally right. I constantly switch up the deodorant-antiperspirants that I wear, and can truly say that I have never found one that doesn't leave white stripes on my torso when I yank on a shirt in a hurry, or sticky residue on the armpits that won't come off in the wash. 

That is, until now. On a quest to determine the best deodorants for women that won't ruin your clothes, I tested more than 15 so-called "invisible" deodorants and solve the white armpit mystery for good. For each test, I wore the product under a black shirt all day (in the disgusting New York City summer heat, too). Every evening, I assessed my smell and whether the product left any residue on my clothes.

To be totally honest, the majority of the deodorants I tested failed. But I did discover six pleasant surprises that not only left me smelling fresh all day, but also stayed put my underarms (not my clothes).

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