Can a pair of pants really give you smoother skin?

By Lisa DeSantis
February 29, 2016

Here's a 21st-century claim if I've ever heard one: jeans that moisturize your legs as you wear them. GUESS's new SMART GUESS Jeancare line promises to do just that. It isn't the first collection of so-called moisturizing denim—Wrangler actually holds that title—but the question remains: do we really need this? I put the Jeancare High-Rise Jeggings With Silicone Rinse ($118; to the test to see how they'd perform against my dry, scaly winter skin.

First impressions

The jeans, for the most part, look like any other pair, and feel the same, too—except stretchier, like a legging, hence "jegging." In addition to moisturizing your legs, GUESS touts their slenderizing fit, but they weren't exactly the most flattering pants I've ever put on. They're much lighter wash than most people can pull off, other than maybe Gigi Hadid.

The fabric is infused with ginkgo extract and vitamin E, plus a lavender scent that's supposed to be released with each wear. After a few hours of wearing them, I decided to check the progress. Normally, when I take off my pants, I would notice dead skin flaking off my legs (sorry if that's TMI), but I didn't seem to have that issue with the Jeancare pants. But to the touch, my legs didn't feel any different than they normally would.

Take 2

The next day, I decided to pull on the pair of jeans post-shower, without using any creams or lotions. The struggle of getting jeans on with skin still slightly was very real, but once I had them fastened around my waist, the fabric seemed to melt into my skin. It was a strange sensation, and honestly, I'm not sure if I liked it—but I hoped it meant my legs were transforming into silky-smooth stems. The lavender scent seemed a little stronger than during the previous wear (but again, do I need jeans that give off a scent?). This time when I took them off, I did notice a bit of a difference in my legs; they felt a little smoother. But was that in my head? Or was it because I used a moisturizing shaving cream in the shower? I can't be 100% sure.

Final thoughts

The third and final time I put these babies to the test, I got pretty much the same outcome as the first time I wore them. I love how stretchy and comfy they are, but when it comes to my dry skin, these jeans didn't do much for me. So for now, I think I'll stick to my regular non-moisturizing pants.