June 19, 2017

Here at Health, we’re all about natural beauty. Whether that means going fresh faced for a makeup-free selfie, or whipping up a face mask with kitchen staples, we’re suckers for clean beauty routines that involve minimal effort.

It’s not as if beauty brands haven’t caught on. Natural, minimalistic products are everywhere right now, from matcha-based face masks and body washes to coconut oil-infused lipsticks. Love!

We are happy to jump on the clean, green beauty wave with this quickie DIY lip scrub. Made from only four ingredients, the scrub is super moisturizing. It’s also easy to swipe on, and exfoliates to relieve dryness stat.

Because store-bought alternatives are often crammed with unfamiliar additives (seriously, what is methylparaben anyway?), we wanted our balm to be made with ingredients you could find in your local health food store if you don’t already have them in your cupboard.

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In this video, we’ll show you how easy it is to combine coconut and vitamin E oils with coarse sugar and an essential oil called ylang ylang to create a simple scrub that can soften and hydrate the lips in seconds.

It’s as simple as this: Apply the scrub and rub the lips together to achieve an exfoliating effect. After that, wipe the scrub off. Feel free to revel in their new velvety texture, or apply your go-to gloss or lipstick. After using the scrub, the products are sure to go on smoother.

The best part is that it only takes a tiny bit of the scrub to work its magic. Mix up a small container of the stuff and keep dipping into it when the winter months ramp up skin sensitivity and dryness. Ready to get your loveliest lips yet? We thought so. Watch the tutorial above.