When it comes to trends, some are best left to the younger crowd (Hello, Kylie Jenner's seafoam green extensions). But dark lipstick is not one of them. Here's how to get the look like an adult.

By Lisa DeSantis
October 27, 2015

When it comes to trends, some are best left to the younger crowd: hello, Kylie Jenner's seafoam green extensions. But dark lipstick is not one of them. With all of the different formulas, shades, and textures there is one out there that's perfect for your pout, promise.

Inspired by the vampy look that celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo created for Ashley Benson (captured above), we asked the experts how to master the look like an adult. Here are their expert tips.

It's all about finding the right shade...

The trick is to try out a few different colors before settling on one. "Check yourself under natural light. Avoid browns and anything with too much beige—as we age, colors with a bit of rosiness are always more flattering even if they are neutrals," explains makeup artist Suzy Gerstein.

More specifically, "berries and deep plums are a good place to start. You can't go wrong with berries and rich deep reds, [no matter] your complexion," adds makeup artist Adrienne Herbert.

And the right texture...

In addition to shade, you've also got to think about sheen. "Avoid traditional mattes, which tend to be drying and can settle into fine lines," Gerstein warns. Also a flatter dark shade tends to make lips look thinner. "Instead, opt for semi-mattes or satins that contain light reflective properties," she adds.

Apply it like a pro

Applying your lipstick so it looks just right is even harder when you're using a darker shade. Herbert suggests using a lip brush to apply the product and then blotting it with a tissue to soften the color.

To make the lip line look less harsh, you can also try using your finger. "[Apply lipstick normally] then work into the lips with a finger so that the lipstick doesn't appear that it's about to slide off," adds makeup artist April Greaves. "Apply a little more lipstick in center of your lips for extra pop to finish."

What to do if you've gone a little overboard? You can easily walk things back with this tip from Greaves: "Clean up around the edges by outlining the perimeter [of your lips] with concealer on a small brush," Gerstein says.

Make it last

There's no use going dark if it's just going to fade right away. One thing you can do to prevent it: "Applying lipstick, blotting, applying again, and repeating creates a layering effect which in turn helps create a stain," Herbert says. "So when the color starts to come off, the stain beneath will carry you over to your next application." And of course, keep the lipstick with you for when it does come time to re-apply.

Keep the rest of your makeup simple

With all the drama brought by the red lip, generally you want to stick to the basics for the rest of your face. "Depending on your face and what suits you, that might mean a subtle brow fill, black or brown mascara, a tight line of black, brown or plum liner, rosy cream blush and foundation/concealer," Gerstein says.

But you can also experiment with your eyes: "Applying a smudged eyeliner, cat eye, or clean eye with lots of mascara will compliment a dark lip because it doesn't compete with the color," Herbert adds.