Brown lipstick is an old beauty trend coming back to life. Here's how to incorporate brown lips into your routine.
Credit: Fox News Magazine

Are we really harking back to this '90s beauty trend of brown lipstick? Please, say it isn't so!

I admit, I enjoyed chiding my younger, more trendy sister for wearing this earthy hue back in the day. And alas, here we are again—only this time I actually love it!

With fall's most stylish colors shimmering with metallics and flawless skin, a lot of lips are now donning a chic brown shade. And you, too, can go to the dark side.

All shades of illustrious brown have been hitting the runways with power, poise and distinguished flair, capturing natural leafy tones and sunset hues, and taunting winter's arrival with sass.

Care to take a ride on the wild side? Here are my key tips for rocking this makeup trend effortlessly and making it yours:


A perfect pout always begins with a super moisturized foundation. There’s nothing worse in my book than crumbly lips concealed with caked-on lipstick. For a simple home remedy, mix equal parts white sugar with olive or coconut oil. Gently rub across your lips for 30 seconds, then pat gently with a napkin.

Skip the liner

This statement speaks boldly by itself. If you feel the need to perfect the border of your lips, use a little of your matching concealer or foundation to crisp things up.

Blot and stain

Whether you are ready for the full impact of the brown lipstick trend or not, a blot will do wonders for aiding in length of wear. It also offers trend-wary gals a taste of the color without the full coverage commitment. Skip the tissue and use your clean ring finger to blot, as using your finger alleviates the drying effect a tissue can have. And for those who want to embrace the trend in all its glory, re-apply after you blot for a richer color.


Still uncertain this is for you? Pop the center of your lips with your "go-to" comfort color to help ease the edge of the all-over brown pout. We all have the one quick grab-bag lipstick we love and know looks good. Consider adding it to the mix to help gently ease yourself into the trend.

Proceed with caution

Beware of orange- or yellow-toned browns, which can quickly go goth, instantly dulling your pearly whites. With any lipstick, especially browns, opt for blue/red tones within the color family. They perk up your skin tone and complement your smile. Burgundy is a great option worn matte or sheer, as it serves as the new red for the season and can easily be worn from day to night for a truly show-stopping look.

Vanessa Elese is an Emmy Award-winning celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert.
This article originally appeared on Fox News Magazine