We may be beauty editors, but our hair is just like everyone else's—it gets frizzy, falls flat, and resists attempts at quick blowouts. But because were lucky enough to spend our days interviewing beauty experts and testing new products, we've stumbled upon a few hair tricks that are just plain amazing. Here, our favorites.

How to: Make a blowout last
“My hair is parched from years of highlighting, and Ive learned that shampooing frequently makes it even drier. Now, I wash my hair every three days and use these tricks to keep it looking fresh.” —Colleen Sullivan, Beauty and Fashion Editor

Always wear a shower cap.
“On days that Im not shampooing, I pull my hair into a ponytail, secure it with a soft scrunchie (hair elastics can leave dents), then pop on a shower cap before I shower. Without it, my hairline gets frizzy from the steam.”

Freshen up with dry shampoo.
“Three days after a blowout, my hair looks limp. (If you have oily hair, this might happen sooner.) So, before my shower, I flip my head upside down and spray the roots with Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray ($21) as I tousle them with my fingers. Then I shower with a shower cap, and when I take my hair down afterward it has more volume and the oiliness is gone.”

Keep things smooth.
“If I notice that my hair is looking greasy or frizzy, I neaten it up with a flat iron. Rather than sliding the iron down the length of my hair, I just pick up small sections of the top layer and tap them with the flat iron, opening and closing it a few times near the roots or anywhere else thats messy.”

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How to: Prevent hair damage
“I get my hair relaxed, and that can dry it out. Plus, Im training for a marathon, so I do a lot of running, which exposes my strands to sun, salt, and wind. Still, my stylist is impressed with how healthy my hair is when I stick to this routine.” —Rozalynn S. Frazier, Assistant Editor

Leave conditioner in.
“If my hair is feeling dry, I wash it on a weekend morning, apply regular makes frizz!) I use Moroccanoil Treatment ($39); it smooths and adds shine but doesnt build up residue over time like some serums can.”

How to: Hide gray roots growing in
“Ive had gray hair since I was 15, so I get it dyed. But since it grows so quickly, I can see roots in as little as three weeks. These tricks help me squeeze out two more weeks before I have to go back to the salon.” —Jennifer Goldstein, Beauty and Fashion News Editor

Add some texture.
“When my hair lays flat, the line of demarcation between gray and brown is really obvious. To prevent that, I use Sally Hershberger Wave Spray to add texture so the gray sort of gets hidden in the volume.”

Make a zigzag part.
“A straight, center part puts the gray on display, so I use the end of a rattail comb to make a side part that zigzags. This makes it harder to see the roots and kind of tricks the eye into thinking the gray might just be a reflection from the lights or even a highlight.”

Cover it up.
“When the gray section gets to about one-eighth of an inch, I hide it with Avon Advance Techniques Grey Root Touch Up ($6), a temporary color that washes out at the end of the day. It has a mascara-type brush that distributes the color evenly so its not just shellacked on the top layer.”

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How to: Add volume to fine hair
“My fine hair can fall flat by noon if Im not careful. Since I consider even a round brush high-maintenance, I use these tricks to get volume with less work.” —Kate Stinchfield, Editorial Assistant

Boost the roots.
“After I shower, I let my hair air-dry a bit while I do my makeup and get dressed. Then, I saturate my roots with Kiehls Super Thick Volumizer ($18.50), concentrating most of the spritzes on my crown area.”

Flip and dry.
“The more I touch my hair with round brushes, the flatter it seems to fall. So I just flip my head upside down and blast away on the hottest air setting. When its almost dry, I flip up, turn the setting to cool, then use a small brush to smooth the ends while blowing them with cool air.”

Clip it up.
“After drying, I pull the front section of my hair back to create a mini-pompadour then secure it with a clip. I leave it up as long I can, and when I take it down I have volume that lasts.”