Everyone knows how to tie up a simple ponytail. Switch up yours with these expert pointers for achieving Kate Middleton's modern twist on this classic style.
Credit: Reuters/Fox News Magazine

Seriously, is anyone ever expecting the Duchess of Cambridge to have a bad hair day?


Giving her usual royal blowout a break, Kate Middleton decided to wear her hair up at a recent event, transforming her tousled tresses into an effortlessly chic ponytail.

As US Weekly reported, the 32-year-old, who is four months pregnant with her second child, debuted her latest sought-after look at the launch of the East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH)’s latest appeal in England. To compliment her new ‘do, Middleton opted for a sleek red dress by Katherine Hooker, which fit snugly over her barely-there baby bump.

The publication also stated that Middleton's efforts at EACH will help begin “launching the charity’s new appeal to raise $16 million to build and equip a new children’s hospice in the area.”

Now the hair: Everyone knows how to tie up a simple ponytail, but Grazia Daily points out how Middleton’s approach to this classic style features a modern twist.

“Kate’s ponytail is ever so slightly lower than most, to allow for hair on top of the pony to be oomphed up, to give it more of a ‘done’ feel,” the publication explains. “It’s like a tiny mini beehive going into the ponytail—very chic, and very understated.”

The trick to Middleton’s loose ponytail? The Duchess used both pins and an elastic band that match her hair color, creating more volume, all while keeping the ‘do prim and proper.

“Slightly back brush [hair] at the base and a bit down the shaft,” suggests Hollywood-based stylist Janine Jarman for anyone looking to pull off Kate's look themselves. “Pull the front out a bit as well for a [seemingly] undone pony.”

And finally, no perfect ponytail is complete without having the right hair for it.

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