It's all about the Beachwaver, baby.

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There's nothing we don't love about Jessica Biel, who is quite simply one badass chick. Not only did she speak at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting on Monday, but the woman co-founded a kid-friendly restaurant with the best name ever — Au Fudge. So when she strutted around New York City this week with to-die-for loose waves, we needed the details.

Celebrity hair guru Sarah Potempa, who is also the mastermind behind styling tool The Beachwaver, crafted the pretty look for the actress and shares her secrets with us.

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To start, Potempa created a clean center part using a tail comb, then applied a smoothing product, like Aussie's Mousse + Leave in Conditioner (, $3.43) from roots to end. She used Beachwaver's On Set Styling Brush (, $42) to blow dry Biel's hair smooth. This particular brush is a nylon and boar bristle mix, which aids in laying down the cuticle and reducing frizz.

Next, Potempa sectioned hair up with a Darby Clip (, $16) and started curling from the bottom, working her way up. She recommends curling 2-inch sections with The Beachwaver S1 (, $129) by clamping near the ends and pressing the arrow away from the mirror. Because this particular styling tool rotates in both directions and you have total control, it makes it easy to get the perfect wave.

For the top layer Potempa suggests sliding the button on the side of the Beachwaver to slow, which reduces the speed of the iron's rotation to achieve a smooth wave at the front.

Wrap up the look by misting the On Set Styling Brush with a flexible hairspray, then brush all the waves together for the soft, fresh finish.

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