Two women whose brows stopped growing in resorted to eyebrow transplant surgery. Try these genius makeup tips instead.


Recently, Good Morning America interviewed two 20-somethings who overplucked their brows for years—so much that the hair eventually stopped growing. One of the women, Grace Lee, said "drawing" her eyebrows every day took 15 to 20 minutes and looked fake. Both women opted for $7,000 eyebrow transplants using hair from their scalp(!). The hair restoration procedure involves transferring one hair follicle at a time and takes 6 to 8 hours.

Thinning eyebrows are more common that you think, but you don't have to settle for campy-looking brows or shell out for surgery. Just ask makeup artist and Butter London global color ambassador Katie Jane Hughes. A few months ago, she revealed on Instagram that her eyebrows stopped growing in because of tweezing, and she fills them in with eyebrow pencil and, surprisingly, eyeliner.

Since then, she's offered brow-boosting makeup tips for her followers. Hughes wrote on Instagram: "I pencil first, making sure I go in the same direction as hair grows, I then use a super skinny liner brush (cut some fibres out myself to make it super thin) and then I create little hair line strokes with the dip brow (one in pot)"

Here's a handy video tutorial:

The results look great, don't you think?