An expert's tips for getting that sun-kissed glow without getting it everywhere.

Credit: Getty Images

Spray tans are quite convenient for those of us who want a sun-kissed look without risking UV damage—but that doesn’t mean they aren’t messy. Social media icon Chrissy Teigen shared a hilarious spray tan fail on Snapchat over the weekend, showing an orange-y imprint of her body (complete with butt cheeks) on a set of cream-colored sheets.

Photo: Chrissy Teigan/Snapchat

With the caption “Spray tan diaries,” Teigen’s pic is all too relatable. Anyone who’s ever gotten sprayed is familiar with the after-aroma, the sticky feeling on your skin, and the likelihood of staining your clothes, sheets, and towels. For some expert advice on how to get that summery glow without getting it everywhere, we called up Bridget Bergin, the owner of Brazil Bronze Soho in New York City.

First off, she says, it's key not to shower, sweat, or otherwise get wet until your "tan" soaks in. How long that takes depends on the type of tan you got. At Bergin's studio, customers who get the express option, are advised to stay dry for two to four hours, while customers who get the "original" are instructed to wait eight to 10 hours before bathing.

Even rain can cause streaking and lead to staining, says Bergin. “Sometimes when customers leave and it’s raining outside, they’ll have to come back to get [their tan] touched up.”

Bergin also recommends donning loose, dark clothing after your spray session, and wearing that same clothing until your first shower.

When it comes time to bathe, be sure to use sulfate-free cleanser on your skin to preserve the color, and then exfoliate. When you're done, don't forget to moisturize. Those steps will help make the bronze tint last.

To avoid Teigen's beauty blunder, if you're not able to stay upright long enough for your tan to dry, lay down in your loose, dark-colored get-up. Or if you anticipate a need for a nap before you get sprayed, you could opt for an express tan that dries faster, says Bergin. And if you do pass out in the buff, don't sweat it: Even full-body prints should come out of most cotton sheets with the right amount of stain remover, she assures.