Happy National CBD Day! (And every day, if you’re me.)

By Tess Garcia
August 08, 2019
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My obsession with skincare is a relatively recent phenomenon. Early into 2018, I was perfectly content with my no-nonsense routine of washing my face with a drugstore cleanser morning and night. But as they say, a lot can happen in a year. In my case, I owe my newfound appreciation of a rigorous skin regime to Hora Skin Care, the Los Angeles-based startup focusing on CBD skincare.

When I first received an email from Hora Skin Care last fall asking if I’d like to try a few products—including my current holy grail, Hora Skin Care Super Serum + CBD ($54; urbanoutfitters.com)—I was more than apprehensive. Here I was, a college student with minimal experience in the cannabis department, being asked to test-drive serums and masks containing some mystery, weed-related compound I’d never heard of. I still don’t know why I did it (possibly for the sake of journalism), but I agreed, and one week later I set off to incorporate cannabidiol into my daily routine.

Like any good student, I took my fascination with CBD to the internet, where I quickly learned that the substance has absolutely nothing to do with the high-inducing THC—what we know conventionally as marijuana, weed, the devil’s lettuce—also derived from the cannabis plant. In fact, CBD comes from an entirely different part of the plant, resulting in its anti-inflammatory, non-psychoactive properties. Armed with that knowledge, I felt totally comfortable slathering a pump or two of CBD all over my face and neck for a consecutive 30 days.

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As I started using the Hora Skin Care Super Serum + CBD before bed, I did what any wellness devotee would and took pictures of my skin every single day for the next month (all in the name of progress). The word “results” doesn’t even begin to cover the transformation my skin underwent. I’m not exaggerating—after only a few nights of applying the serum with a jade roller, my skin looked and felt smoother than ever.

How, you ask? In addition to buzzy CBD, the serum is formulated with powerful ingredients like marine collagen, argan oil, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C to firm, hydrate, smooth, and brighten skin. Plus, it's free of fragrance, sulfates, and parabens, so it's safe for sensitive skin types, too. The bottom line: It's the trendy skincare concoction of the gods.

My bad habit of picking at my skin didn't even stand a chance. I'd apply the serum at night and wake up with an unbelievably smooth and glowy complexion, sans dark marks or irritation from prodding on my face. There were days when I had to scroll back through post-picking selfies (documentation, remember?) to make sure I wasn’t just imagining my face’s miraculous recovery. It was like my skin woke up one morning and said “Acne? I don’t know her” in the voice of Mariah Carey.

ICYDK, today just so happens to be National CBD Day, so celebrate by trying Hora Skin Care Super Serum + CBD for yourself. While it might be a splurge, all it takes is a pump’s worth each night (or even weekly) to see a major difference in your skin. Trust me, it's totally worth it.


To buy: Hora Skin Care Super Serum + CBD, $54; urbanoutfitters.com

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