Put down the tweezers.

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Of all the DIY beauty treatments, at-home waxing is by far the most intimidating. It comes with a huge learning curve—like knowing the best wax for your skin and the correct wax temperature—and it requires serious self-control to inflict pain in the pursuit of fuzz-free follicles. But with most Americans stuck at home and beauty salons indefinitely closed, there’s never been a better time to try waxing at home (or to finally perfect your skills). 

To start waxing at home, your best bet is investing in a home waxing kit. These affordable picks not only include what you need to remove unwanted hair (i.e. waxing strips), but they also have additional products for post-treatment care. Luckily, we’ve done the research and found the perfect one to get you started: Flamingo’s Face Wax Kit ($10; flamingo.com). 

woman waxing face , flamingo-waxing-kit
Credit: Flamingo

The affordable kit makes it easier than ever to conquer unwanted facial hair like moustaches, unibrows, or stubborn chin sprouts with a streamlined approach to waxing that swaps out a collection of supplies—wax pallets, wax warmers, and wax spatulas—for a single strip. Each strip is coated with the brand’s signature soft gel wax, a unique blend that doesn’t need to be heated before application. Instead, it’s applied directly to the face, where it attaches to even the finest hairs for total removal. 

If that still sounds intimidating, worry not: Each set includes illustrated step-by-step instructions breaking down the entire waxing process. You’ll also have 20 strips in each kit, so there are plenty of backups in case your first attempt goes awry. And it’s easier to remain calm when you remember every part of the kit is meticulously designed to ensure your waxing process is smooth (no pun intended), down to the wax strip’s wavy edges that are specially constructed to improve your grip. 

Credit: Flamingo

The $10 face kit also comes with post-wax cloths and a carefully formulated calming serum. The plush cloths simultaneously remove sticky leftover residue and nourish skin with a dermatologist-tested formula packed with sweet almond oil, pumpkin, and lavender. Follow up each cleanse with a generous application of the soothing serum, powered by aloe vera to calm irritated skin and applied with a cool-to-the-touch stainless steel rollerball.

If you’re looking to remove hair elsewhere, shop Flamingo’s similar kit for body hair. It swaps small facial hair strips for 24 body waxing strips that are large enough to tackle the underarms or legs; it also comes with post-wax cleansing strips but skips the cooling serum. Or you can opt for the bundle pack, which includes both an at-home facial waxing kit and a body kit for a reduced price.

Best of all, this at-home wax kit will help you feel confident tackling your own waxing procedures, so even if you return to your regular waxing appointments once businesses reopen, you can go longer between appointments with at-home touch-ups or even handle your own hair removal in a pinch. Plus, at just $10 per kit, it’s an affordable quarantine experiment worth trying.

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