We had four Health staffers try out the same lipstick. Check out the before and after pictures to see how the color changed for each person.

By Chelsea Burns
Updated August 04, 2015
Credit: e.l.f.

Like the mood rings of the '90s that changed colors depending on how you were feeling (er, your body temperature), the latest trend in beauty is similarly "magical"—products that promise to color-change based on your skin tone or skin chemistry.

We decided to put these gimmicky products to the test, starting with the e.l.f. Gotta Glow Lip Tint ($6, eyeslipsface.com). This balm is supposed to transform into a unique shade of pink when it comes in contact with the moisture and pH level of your lips, getting you a custom color that's perfect for you. It's a super cool idea, but does it really look different on different women?

We had four Health staffers try it out. Check out the before (left) and after (right) pictures below for our results (and the fun color names we got to make up).

Fruit punch

Photo: Chelsea Burns

Watermelon rose

Photo: Chelsea Burns

Royal pink

Photo: Chelsea Burns

Very Berry

Photo: Chelsea Burns

As you can see, the cotton candy colored lipstick took on a completely different shade for each staffer only seconds after application. Not only do you get a custom lip color for $6, our testers also said that it leaves lips feeling silky smooth and hydrated. If you really love the color you can also apply it to your cheeks for a personalized flush. Verdict: more than a gimmick!