Hair not behaving properly? Transform you difficult-to-manage unruly strands into healthy, shiny locks with this DIY hair-care guide. Finally, you can get rid of that multi-purpose Fedora and display your crowning glory with pride.


Over-processed hair can become dry, damaged, and just plain ugly. Combat styling abuse and revive your traumatized locks with these helpful tips.

•Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Run deep conditioner through straw-like tips and leave on for several minutes. The product will absorb into your hair shaft and soften strands. Repeat process once a week. Also get into the habit of applying a daily conditioner to hair ends every time you shampoo. This will reduce split ends, discoloration, and heat damage.

•Treat yourself to a massage! Kneading the scalp as you shampoo will increase circulation and stimulate oil glands. Steer clear of products with a high alcohol content; they can be drying.

•Avoid too-tight hairstyles—like ponytails, buns, and braids. Gentle elastic bands and other ouch-less hair accessories will also help prevent breakage.

•Be gentle. Moist tresses are extra vulnerable to breakage, so resist the urge to twist, rub, and brush wet hair. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle. The result: damage-free locks.

•Prep hair for styling. Apply a thermal/UV protectant serum to tresses to protect hair from heat and sun damage. Cant limit your time under the blow dryer? Turn down the heat. Lowering temperatures on styling tools prevents over-drying and frizz.

•Get scissor happy! Trim off split ends every six to eight weeks.