Redditor Claims These $2 Blemish Patches Cleared Her Cystic Pimples in Just 4 Hours

Just wait until you see the photo of what the patches pulled out of her skin.

If you've ever suffered from acne, you're likely familiar with just how frustrating the condition is—not to mention, the quest to find blemish-fighting products that actually work can seem never-ending. That's exactly why we turn to handy Reddit threads, like /r/skincareaddiction, to find tried-and-true remedies for common skincare problems that come personally recommended by real people. And our Internet sleuthing has paid off, because we may have just found the best acne-fighting product on the forum yet. Reddit user ramengirl22 shared the amazing results she got from an acne spot treatment patch at Walmart, which she said successfully cleared up three cystic pimples on her chin during a four-hour flight—and included a pretty graphic photo to prove it.

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After including the tags [acne] and [review] in her post, ramengirl22 continued that the super effective acne patches she used are the Hanhoo Acne Spot Patches ($2.50;, which she found at Walmart and cost just $2.50 for a 36-pack of treatments. "They DID the damn thing with 3 cysts on my chin," she wrote. A bunch of intrigued Reddit users immediately jumped on the thread, asking ramengirl22 how the patches work and what her full routine is while using them.

She shared that she occasionally suffers from painful cystic acne, and what works for her is first (very carefully) lancing—or piercing with a needle—the blemish with an at-home blackhead removal kit she purchased online. She stressed that she's always sure to disinfect her kit with rubbing alcohol before each use. After lancing, she immediately covers the spot with a Hanhoo blemish patch and waits for the spot treatment to work its magic by draining out pus—which is the gunk that can be seen on the patches in her photo—and calming the infected skin in that area.

blemish acne woman health skin flight patch blemish beauty product

To buy: Hanhoo Acne Spot Patch, 36-count ($2.50;

The Hanhoo patches are just one brand of hydrocolloid patches, which are basically small adhesive patches that can help dry out an inflamed area and absorb oil, pus, or other impurities. Though there are many different hydrocolloid patches out there, ramengirl22 shared that she prefers Hanhoo's because "it's very hard to beat both the availability and the price point" and said that they've "been as effective as all other more expensive options I've tried." And based on other comments in the thread, she's clearly not the only one who's a fan.

Redditor Lilith-Rising wrote, "I'm not kidding when I say these changed my life." Another user, DodgyBollocks, said "Absolutely love these patches! So affordable and they work great. I've been having a bad breakout on my chin and these have absolutely been a lifesaver for those big cysts."

Others chimed in with more brands of hydrocolloid patches that they've had success with, including Cosrx's Acne Pimple Master Patches ($5; And while each user on the thread had their own personal favorite for clearing up blemishes fast, there's no argument that Hanhoo's price point really can't be beat.

It's not that often you find over-the-counter acne treatments that are actually effective and this affordable, so snag this top-notch, easy-to-use, and blemish-fighting product from Walmart ASAP—next time you have an unexpected breakout, you'll be so glad you did.

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