Prepare for the smoothest hands of your life, even in below-zero temps.
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As soon as the temperature drops, it seems like I'm immediately met with all the negative side effects that remind me why I dread winter. Flaky skin and scalp, chapped lips, and dry, cracking hands. Anyone else?Between texting on my phone, typing at my computer all day, and washing hands constantly to prevent illness, my poor paws don't stand a chance. That's where this miracle worker comes in.

Using Hand Chemistry Extreme Hydration Cream ($15; or is probably the best thing that I have ever done to take care of my hands.Despite getting frequent manicures, I find that my hands need extra TLC year-round, particularly in the colder months, and this cream does exactly what I need it to.

There are a lot of hand creams out there, and I often find that some leave skin feeling greasy or lose their potentcy after a few hours. Not this one. It glides on smooth but absorbs quickly, so I can go about my day after using it—in other words, my phone doesn't slip through my fingers as soon as I slather it on. Because of this, I keep it in my purse at all times and am reminded to use it whenever I go rummaging in my bag to reapply lip balm.

hand chemistry hand cream

Here's why it works so well: The formula is packed with marine and plant-based actives, meaning not only does it deliver serious moisture topically, it also encourages skin to create more of its own hyaluronic acid so hands retain their hydration naturally, even when you haven't recently applied the cream. It also helps form a "shield" on skin so there's practically an invisible glove on the surface to protect hands from the elements (so if I forget my mittens or choose not to wear them so I can text, all hope isn't completely lost). Bonus: I've noticed that my nails and cuticles have benefited from this powerful cream, too, and are looking and feeling better than ever.