Prepare to step out of your color comfort zone.
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Warm cinnamon lattes, crunchy leaves, and knit sweaters—these are some of the lovely, comforting things that make fall my favorite season of the year. It's also a great time to make a statement with your hair, now that we're all wearing masks to cover up our faces. I talked to Michelle Cleveland, the celebrity hairstylist behind Christina Milian and Angie Martinez's looks, about the hairstyles and hair colors to look out for this fall for all hair textures—from straight to afro coils.

Curly bob

If you have curly hair, this is your time to shine. "Bobs are BACK for fall, no matter your hair texture," Cleveland tells Health. Even if your hair is wavy or straight, you can still make a bob haircut work. But if a curly look is what you're after, take a small-barreled curling wand to create a series of spiral curls that you shake out to look natural, or sleep with your hair in braids and wake up to loose waves in the a.m.

Copper strands

Take a cue from the changing colors of the leaves and go for a sleek copper tone this fall. Flattering on all skin tones, copper comes off a little brighter than a natural redhead tone but browner than your typical strawberry blonde. Cleveland loves this color for her clients, which brings out the natural warmth in in their skin.

Bold black and red waves

"THIS is the shade to watch!" Cleveland says, using Dua Lipa's mysterious red for reference. Perfect for Halloween time, this two-tone look adds a spooky flair to your style for fall. With waves, the red fades into the black, adding a subtle yet bold dimension to your hair that's bound to turn heads. Cleveland is a fan of Wella's Color Fresh Create line to create this look, using Next Red ($9; and Hyper Coral ($9; to create Dua Lipa's level of spicy red at home.

Face-framing color

Inspired by TikTok star Brittany Xavier, these chunky, face-framing highlights are an ode to the nineties and an easy way to experiment with color without overcommitting. Try it at home with your standard box color or go to a colorist to find your perfect shade. These highlights can go on full display with a sleek bob, or hide them away for an unexpected peek of color.

Angled cuts

Who says tight curls and coils aren't versatile? No need to sacrifice your hair texture to get fall's go-to big chop. "For textured natural coils in all shapes and sizes, it's just about getting the right cut," Cleveland says. "Look for a stylist who specializes in cutting curly hair." Think architecturally and ask your stylist about the perfect cut to fit your face.

Rose gold romance

Somewhere between brilliant copper and bold red is this soft, feminine rose gold hue. Whether you're straight or curly, this tone blends in with autumn's signature colors while standing out from your standard browns and reds. It's not the easiest color to achieve at home, so consult with your hairstylist to create this gorgeous color to fit your undertones.

Honey highlights

A beautiful way to make your curl definition stand out this fall? Try honey-toned highlights. Cleveland swears by them as an easy way to play with color without making a full commitment. Not ready to take the box color leap? Give colored hair wax a try for a hair hue that comes out as easily as it goes on.

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