Miami's humidity and countless hair flips couldn't put a damper on the star's gorgeous tresses.

By Susan Brickell
Updated February 03, 2020

If you tuned into the Super Bowl last night—or strategically switched over from your Netflix binge right in time for the halftime show—there's no way you missed Jennifer Lopez's epic, head-turning (literally) performance. Um, can we please talk about that hair?!

In an interview with Vogue, J.Lo's hair stylist, Chris Appleton, said that he and the singer had some fun testing different looks the week leading up to the Super Bowl. On top of preparing her locks for anything they might encounter—sweat, wind machines, dancing, and hair flips included—the stylist also had to take into consideration Florida's infamous humidity. "Miami is the worst place for hair," Appleton joked. "As effortless as it looks, it's a lot of planning to make sure the hair moves right in those six crucial minutes."

After quite a few trial runs, the two settled on loose, voluminous curls that were the epitome of flawless. But how exactly did Appleton nail stunning, sexy waves that didn't go limp or frizzy during J.Lo's dance-crazed, mash-up performance? Well, by relying on three simple products that you can—believe it or not—shop on Amazon, of course.

To prevent Miami's humidity from wrecking havoc on J.Lo's perfect waves, Appleton prepped the A-lister's locks with Color Wow Dream Coat ($28;, a hair serum that "puts a protective waterproof layer on top of the hair," he noted. The hardworking product guarantees sleek, silky strands that are basically immune to moisture, thanks to ingredients like polysilicone-29 and chamomile, which protect against humidity. Unlike other hair serums, this one will not weight down your tresses or make them feel oily, and the effects can last up to three days—even through shampoos.

Appleton also used Tangle Teezer Ultimate Hairbrush ($25; to style Lopez's hair and give it one last brush before she took the stage. The stylist posted a video to Instagram, in which he's brushing out the star's curls as they stand on the field during Shakira's performance. This dry styling brush works well on all hair types—including curly, textured, straight and wavy—and is even designed to smoothly brush through clip-ins, weaves, and hair extensions without snagging. The extra long teeth and soft tips also allow you to move through the hair without brushing out style and undoing all your hard work.

Credit: Chris Appleton - Instagram

The stylist relied on the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer ($400; to dry and style Lopez's tresses. To achieve a dynamic shape, Appleton placed clips at the root and then hit the whole head with cool air from the blow dryer to set it in place, he told Vogue.

While this hair dryer is certainly a splurge, it boasts a technology that not only dries hair super quickly, but also measures air temperature 20 times every second to manage the temperature so strands don't suffer heat damage and maintain their natural shine. Plus, the dryer is lightweight, cool to the touch, and features three attachments—a smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, and diffuser—to accommodate every hair type.

Sure, the Dyson hair dryer might be more of a beauty investment, but the Tangle Teezer hairbrush and Color Wow humidity-proof serum are two wallet-friendly, celeb-approved products that you can seamlessly work into your haircare routine. If you're looking for a tool to keep frizz at bay or to gently style your locks without feeling like you're ripping your hair out, we suggest adding J.Lo's tried-and-trues to your shopping cart ASAP.


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