Who says natural hair colors have to be boring?
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If you're anything like me, you love experimenting with hair colors during the fall months. Even if the weather feels dark and dreary, your hair color doesn't have to be. (And if you regret it, you can always throw a hat over it.) I asked two master hair colorists. Kristine Choate of Vivid Hair Co. and Stephanie Brown of IGK Salons. what colors are in high demand from their clients right now and what products they're using to help you get the color of your dreams.

Fiery red

Time to let out your inner firebird. "I’ve noticed a big trend is fiery red melted into vibrant yellows and intense oranges," says Choate, who calls it "a look that most can pull off and maybe even get away with at their corporate jobs!" Proceed with caution: This look takes time, and the power of an uber-talented colorist.

Chocolate-y brown

Bright colors not your thing? Play up a gorgeous brunette dipped in chocolate. "For those looking for a more natural look, warm chocolatey base colors melted into bright copper or beige tones work really nicely," says Choate, who created a beautiful balayage that looks good enough to eat.

Blended copper

Blended Copper
Blended Copper
| Credit: Kaitlyn Choate

Split down the middle between bold and minimalist? Try blending a bright copper into the mix for a low-maintenance color that looks better the more you grow it out.

Glowing beige

Glowing Beige
Credit: Kaitlyn Choate

Choate is all about helping her clients play with color during the pandemic, and if you're already blonde, why not go blonder? "Even for our bright blondes, I’m seeing softer, glowing beige or buttery tones," says Choate, whose take on this color mimics sunlight hitting the sand or a bowl of freshly popped popcorn. Bright but not icy, this near-platinum blonde helps you hold onto the sunny days of summer just a little while longer.

Money piece highlights

"Everybody's coming in asking for that big, bright, chunkier highlight in the front," says Brown. Inspired by Dua Lipa and your high school yearbook, these face-framing "money piece" highlights draw all of the attention to your gorgeous face. If you're not brave enough to create your own money piece dye job at home, head to your favorite stylist to help you find the perfect shade to make your features pop.

Barely there pink

"Is it or isn't it pink?" Is the question Brown wants your friends and family to ask about this color. Just subtle enough to pass as a near-natural color, this faded pink lets you play in pastels without totally breaking the dress code. For this barely there pink, try Brown's personal favorite: Overtone Pastel Pink Healthy Color Duo conditioner ($43; overtone.com). It deposits a healthy dose of nourishing hair color that fades gradually—or keep washing it in to stay pretty in pink for as long as you like.


They say blondes have more fun, but it's hard to maintain. Not ready to go all-in with blonde? Try blombré, a fun way to dip your toe into being blonde for a bit, requiring very little maintenance. "A lot of clients a looking for a style that's going to last them as as long as possible just in case stay-at-home orders happen again," says Brown. "This is as color you can keep for another six months." To maintain that fresh blonde look, reach for Brown's personal pick: Uberliss Original Bond Sustainer ($15; ulta.com). It'll help your color stay conditioned and shiny.

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