The Top 10 Hair Trends for 2022, According to Expert Stylists

Whether you're looking for copper-toned tresses or intricately styled cornrows, there's a hairdo on this list for you.

If you're looking for an opportunity to reinvent your hair, look no further. Even if you aren't craving a complete makeover, minor tweaks and changes are a simple way to refresh your current 'do. According to the expert salon stylists we spoke to, these 10 haircuts and colors were the biggest hair trends of 2022.

Extended Ombre Meets the '90S

This 1990s-esque look adopted by Jennifer Lopez combines the best of both worlds: a rich brunette, lightened tips, and face-framing pieces for a bit of brightness.

"This is a detail and style that I feel became more popular with the '90s grunge fad, which [stayed] strong in 2022," Jennifer Novak, a stylist with 20 years of experience and owner of Suite 115 Salon in Bloomingdale, Illinois, told Health.

While anyone can rock this color combo, it looks particularly good on those with wavy hair. That's because natural texture heightens the already grungey 90s aesthetic, said Novack. It's also easy to maintain and grow out, making it ideal for people who want to try something new without a long-term commitment.

Lived-in Bronde

This look—also known as an expensive brunette—seems simple, but it requires a lot of detail. "It's ironic because this look piques interest with its effortless vibe," said Novak. It could rack up a hefty price tag, so you may want to skip it if you're on a budget.

If you decide to go with these highlights, give your hair a little extra love with a hydrating mask or bonding treatment. That's because bleach can damage and dry out your strands, leading to breakage.

Box Braids

Box braids were big in 2021, and their popularity continued well into 2022, Erinn Courtney, a celebrity hairstylist with StyleSeat—an online platform that connects clients to beauty professionals—told Health.

"The silhouette is beautiful and super low maintenance," said Courtney, pointing out that box braids work best for curly hair types in the 3B-4C range. It's also a protective style, meaning it will keep curls safe from harsh weather conditions that would otherwise cause breakage.

Golden Girl Copper

If you want to experiment, what better way to take a style leap of faith than dying your hair a sultry copper hue?

We understand the hesitation to go red, though, since so many people don't think reddish tones are flattering. "So many guests say certain colors don't look good on them, but I beg to differ," said Novak. "True colorists know how to make each hue fit for each client. Copper is a tough color to perfect, however, it can be done."

If you decide to hop on the copper craze, go to a stylist you trust.

Intricate Cornrows

This experimental twist on traditional cornrows comes in various designs, from swirls to hearts to dollar signs. "All hair types can achieve this look, but I will say that people with fine or thinning edges will want to avoid it, as the hairstyle might pull and exacerbate the issue," advised Courtney.

Using an edge control product is key to keeping these cornrows fresh and sleek. It will help smooth and slick pesky flyaways at the hairline.

Detailed and Deep Brunettes

In 2022, there were rich, dark hues with more depth thanks to subtly placed highlights or barely-there balayage, according to Novak. "This is something I feel was born from [people] wanting a darker shade but not a monotone look," said Novak. "Leaving bits of color and dimension makes it look richer."

The best part about this color: You only need to see your colorist one or two times a year. You can maintain the look at home with a two- to three-month gloss, keeping your mane lux and shiny.

Soft All-over Blonde

This color contrasts the more natural lived-in bronde and is a fun hue for blondes to experiment with. The all-over color can range from rose gold to a soft yellow.

"I expect to see blondes looking for something in between the copper and silver trend, like a beautiful beige champagne blonde," said Novak, pointing out that this look doesn't require as much maintenance as the silvery blonde hues dominant in 2021.

To keep hair soft and whimsical, use a lightweight oil after washing.

Faux Locs

Regular locs form when hair tangles and coils into fused units. It's a desirable look but quite a commitment—the removal process takes days, otherwise, you'll have to snip them off. Faux locs are an easy way to get the look without the hassle, said Courtney.

This hairstyle is best for 3B-4C curl types, as the locs will be too heavy for thin or fine hair, according to Courtney. For the most natural and long-lasting look, opt for locs made from real human hair. Like any protective style, you'll only want to keep them in for about six weeks, at which point you may decide you're ready for the real deal. "I've turned a lot of faux loc styles into permanent locs," said Courtney.

Mushroom Brown

Silvery sheens were popular among blondes throughout 2021, but brunettes embraced ashy shades in 2022. said Novak.

Coined mushroom brown, this color uses strategically placed highlights and lowlights to create an ashy, cool-toned hue. It's also perfect for concealing gray hairs if that's your MO.

If this is your first time dying your hair, switch to a color-safe shampoo. Novak recommended using a cleansing cream twice a month to gently remove any product buildup, which will keep your hair hue looking fresh.

Money Piece

Popularized by TikTok, money piece highlights are about framing and brightening your face. Similar to the extended ombre style, it's a hot look heavily inspired by the 1990s.

Not only is this style flattering, but it's also less of a time and money suck than a complete set of highlights. It's perfect for people who don't like to make a fuss about their hair but still want to experiment.

A Quick Review

The hair trends of 2022 included styles from previous years, like box braids and extended hombres. There were also soft blonde, mushroom brown, and golden girl copper styles. If you're looking for a new hair-do, there's something for everyone in the hair trends from 2022.

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