Here's how to look put-together and frizz-free post-workout.


A workout is great for just about every part of your body—except your hair. Locks typically don’t benefit from a sweat session, since leftover moisture can turn to grease and sticky studios can drive your frizz factor way up. Luckily certain hairstyles can help you look put-together post-exercise. Want to learn how you can make the most of your mane after working out? In this video, we’ll show you the best way to wear your hair after the toughest of toning sessions.

Step 1: Quickly blow dry sweaty hair to get the moisture out in a snap. Don’t worry about it not looking ‘done.’ This style is about looking cute and relaxed, not perfectly polished.

Step 2: Grab and lift one-inch sections of hair to apply dry shampoo throughout the scalp. The product will help get rid of any lingering grease. Once you’ve sprayed the dry shampoo, use your hands to massage it into the scalp. Added bonus: This will help add sexy volume to your hair too.

Step 3: Next, gather sections of hair to the crown of the head until all locks are pulled back into a medium-high ponytail. Tie the ponytail with a hair tie or a bungee-style hair tie if you have thick hair. Pull ponytail to tighten, then gentle tug at hair sections to add more texture to the style.

Step 4: Take a strand of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the ponytail, where the hair tie sits. Secure the wrap with bobby pins.

Step 5: Use a comb to tease sections of the ponytail for extra body, then get on with the rest of your day!