We asked stylists for the scoop so you can be ahead of the trends.


You're probably sick of hearing the saying "new year, new you" this time of year. But as overused as it is, it can feel good to go into the new year with a new goal, mindset, or even style. Switching up your hair color can be a fun way to add a new element to your look, and 2020 is sure to give rise to plenty of new hair color trends.

We asked stylists to predict what hair color trends are going to be big next year so you can be the first to know. Here's what they had to say.

Buttercream blondes

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"While icy white blonde has been all the rage from 2018 and into 2019, many have discovered that the high maintenance and commitment required to keep up those snowy locks is a bit more than they’d like," Joy Williams, executive master educator for CHI Haircare, tells Health. She explains that warm, buttercream blondes are the more manageable alternative.

Giselle, a celebrity colorist at Pierre Michel Salon, agrees. "Pale blonde highlights will be mixed in with some deeper, more beige blondes to create a natural effect," she tells Health.

Dusty pastel

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"Another natural transition from white blonde that requires a bit less maintenance are pops of dusty pastel," says Williams. "From dusty rose to pale corals to iridescent aquamarines to elegant rose gold, these shades are the perfect hint of flair for previously lightened tresses."

Giselle also predicted that 2020 would put pastels in the spotlight, and both stylists say we'll be seeing these colors on the tips of hair, too.

Rich, bold colors with a tone-on-tone finish

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Both Williams and Giselle say rich auburns, deep browns, and bold reds will trend in the new year. "Redheads are getting even riskier," says Giselle, "and brunettes are going even deeper."

But Williams says there's a twist. "You'll want to add dimension and movement by infusing a color two shades lighter and/or two shades darker than your desired look throughout the hair," she explains. "You can achieve this tone-on-tone finish with highlights, lowlights, or painted hair contouring. Try a powerful mahogany base with cinnamon accents or subtle hues of caramel on a deep brown canvas to give your look just enough light to accent the curves of your curls or define the body of your blowout."

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