Ashy, dirty, honey—oh my!

By Bella Gerard
March 22, 2018
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From Gwen Stefani’s edgy platinum locks to Jessica Alba’s lived-in, beachy strands, no two blondes are exactly alike, which is one reason why this hair color is so fun to experiment with. Check out some major color inspiration below—and "pin" your faves to take to the salon!—and just try to convince us blondes don’t have more fun.

Honey blonde


Hair: chrisgreenehair/Instagram

Honey blonde is warm and radiant—and if you want to bring your colorist something to use as a guide, a bottle of honey can serve as on-hand inspiration to nailing this sweet summer shade.



Hair: michlgon/Instagram

If you want to take platinum hair up a notch, try this silver-fox hue, which is equal parts rocker and glam. Maintaining a true silver takes work, but washing with a product like Oribe Silverati Shampoo ($46;, a formula that works on both natural and dyed silver strands, will keep hair looking bright, not brassy.

Caramel blonde


Hair: leysahairandmakeup/Instagram

Caramel hair is warm and rich. This is a great shade for blondes who aren’t interested in constantly toning and maintaining ashier shades.

Dirty blonde


Hair: stephaniereidhair/Instagram

Think old-school Christina Aguilera on this one—somewhere between true blonde and almost-brown, but not as perfectly melted as an ombre fade. This style is carefree and cool, and looks great with both warm- and cool-toned blondes.

Rose blonde


Hair: amburrose_/Instagram

While brunettes often have to endure heavy bleaching to rock pastel hues, natural blondes can get there with less effort. Rosy pink, lilac, and seafoam green are just a few of the gorgeous shades worth exploring for spring and summer. Try them out using semi-permanent dyes like those in the L’Oreal Colorista Semi Permanent Line ($9;, until you find the color for you.

Golden blonde


Hair: makeupbyameliawebb/Instagram

A golden glow is Blonde 101: classic, sunny, and bright, but never brassy. This buttery shade has been rocked by almost every iconic blonde, from Reese Witherspoon to Blake Lively.

Ash blonde


Hair: yardenrosen/Instagram

Too edgy for sun-kissed strands? Cool-toned, ashy vibes are perfect for you. Not quite gray and not quite platinum, but also a far cry from warm gold shades, this neutral take is the perfect balancing act.

Strawberry blonde


Hair: michlgon/Instagram

What do you get when you mix a blonde and a redhead? A unique shade like strawberry blonde: super warm with reddish undertones, but yellow enough to keep you using the blonde emojis (seriously, where are the red-haired emojis?).

Platinum blonde


Hair: capelliamore/Instagram

Platinum blonde is an iconic bombshell shade—after all, there's a reason Kim K. keeps rocking it. If your hair can handle the bleaching, it’s a great way to make a statement. And if you want to spare your roots from damage, keeping them dark provides an edgy contrast to whiter blonde strands.

Ombre blonde


Ombre hair took over from classic highlights a few years ago and quickly became the go-to way to add depth to basic blonde. If you’re nervous about your roots giving you away, an ombre look allows hair to grow out in a way that looks intentional and blends effortlessly.