The result: smaller pores, less blackheads and overall clearer skin.

By Lisa DeSantis
Updated January 08, 2020
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Acne sufferers know that it's not about tackling a blemish once it crops up, but preventing breakouts from happening in the first place.That's why oftentimes derms will recommend an allover topical product versus a spot treatment. And that's exactly what Glossier's new launch is all about.

Glossier Solution ($24; called an "exfoliating skin perfector" and unlike the gritty scrubs that you may typically use as an exfoliator, this taps a trifecta of acids:Alpha hydroxy acid, beta hydroxy acid, and polyhydroxy acid.The combo makes for the brand's "most powerful formula yet," and took fifteen months to develop.Through chemical exfoliation, dead skin is gently lifted from the surface so there's nothing left to clog pores. And before you hesitate because the word "acid" sounds scary, this formula is the opposite, packing soothing aloe, hydrating glycerin, and calming niacinimide.

Glossier Solution
Credit: Glossier Solution

To buy: $24;

It's water-like to the touch and comes in a chic pink (duh!) pump dispenser, similar to what many nail salons use for nail polish remover. All you have to do is take a cotton round—Glossier has their own super-cute branded ones, if you're into that for $4;—to the pump and push down to saturate.Swipe the damp pad over your face and neck after cleansing, avoiding the eye area, and then follow with moisturizer.

After a few weeks of use, Glossier testers noticed an allover smoother skin texture thanks to the lack of dead skin buildup. And as they continued to use daily, they found that skin was clearer with breakouts happening less frequently. The bottom line: If you struggle with acne, this could be a total game-changer for you.