The millennial favorite brand has done it again, releasing a makeup remover to round out their skincare selection.
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"I love removing my makeup," said no one ever—at least no one that I've ever met. I usually hear complaints on the other end of the spectrum like, "Can't I just sleep in my makeup?" or "I don't wear makeup because I don't want to deal with removing it." I feel that. And yet, I still pile on my beloved cosmetics every day, taking care to apply multiple strokes with the mascara wand so that my lashes are lengthy, separated, and—best of all—black as can be.

You can only imagine the internal struggle that I deal with every night when I'm practically glued to my futon, binging Vanderpump Rules, only to come to the realization that it's almost bedtime, AKA time to take my makeup off. What used to be a dreaded process has turned into a (dare I say it?) enjoyable ritual. Enter: Glossier's foray into the category of makeup removal with a milky-oil hybrid that promises to remove even the most stubborn makeup. Trust me, it does.

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The brand already offers their much raved about Milky Jelly Cleanser ($18;, which is a great daily option for a morning rinse or evening cleanse to get rid of basic makeup, but for a wash that's tough on waterproof makeup without having to scrub aggressively, there's the new Milky Oil ($12; I'm always looking for a makeup remover that leaves my skin makeup free, feeling fresh and clean, not sticky or greasy and this delivers just that.

A lot of people have gotten into the practice of double cleansing, which was made popular at the height of K-beauty. This entails using an oil cleanser followed by another cleanser of your choice, but this mixture combines both, simplifying my routine and gaining me a few extra minutes of sleep at night. Although they recommend following the makeup removal with their cleanser, I find that I get a good enough cleanse with just the Milky Oil, especially on nights when I barely make it to the sink to wash my face.

When the product has been sitting on your bathroom shelf for some time, you can clearly see the two components separated in the bottle: the micellar solution and the oil, each playing a very integral part in makeup removing. Micellar water packs micelles, which are tiny molecules that scrounge up dirt, but it's the lightweight oil that really breaks down the makeup and melts it so that it's easy to whisk away with a cotton round. Glossier offers their own Deluxe Natural Facial Cotton Rounds ($4;, which are emblazoned with the brand's "G," but any cotton or wash cloth will suffice.

Another unique thing about the Milky Oil is its bottle. It's shaped similarly to the brand's Perfecting Skin Tint that has a narrow tip, which makes for a mess-free delivery. Simply shake the bottle before using and turn the bottle upside down onto your cotton to dispense the formula. The instructions recommend holding a saturated pad over your lips or eyes for a few seconds to let the formula break down your cosmetics and then voila—wipe away for a healthy, makeup-free complexion.

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