From Health magazine
Master your preferred method of hair removal with these tricks from Sue Ellen Cox, MD, a dermatologic surgeon in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

“With shaving, hair can get trapped under the skin and create bumps,”  Cox warns. The solution: Shave at the end of your shower when skin and hair are warm and use an emollient shaving cream. Try the new Gillette Venus Embrace Razor ($13.99; drugstores), which uses a five-blade system for smoother results.

Never wax immediately before or after getting too much sun, Cox says, because waxing sunburned skin can cause uneven pigmentation. Parissa Body Sugar 2 in 1 Roll-On ($19.99; has a roller-ball-like applicator that evenly distributes wax, which you then remove using cloth strips.

At-home gadgets
The no!no! ($250; uses heat to zap hair follicles and the Tria ($995; relies on pulsed light (the same system used in many professional settings) to target hair follicles. “Studies on Tria show that women were able to get about a 50 to 60 percent hair reduction,” Cox says. Though these new devices (both shown at right) are not as effective as pro treatments, Cox thinks they work well for smaller areas or at-home touch-ups.