Gayle King Celebrates Her 'Cellulite Cottage Cheese Thighs' With Body Positive Photos

CBS Newsco-anchor and Oprah's BFF proudly shared empowering beachside snaps.

This holiday season, Gayle King is giving the gift of self-love. The CBS News co-anchor recently shared a series of empowering, unretouched swimsuit snaps on Instagram, celebrating her body in all of its glory.

Over Thanksgiving weekend while vacationing in Mexico, Oprah’s BFF engaged in an annual turkey day weekend tradition she started last year with her “fav niece,” 23-year-old Mekenzye Schwab. As part of the yearly social media event, King hilariously recreates Schwab’s sexy swimsuit photo poses, modeling a variety of different bathing suit styles.

“Tradition continues!” she captioned her photo series. “Photo shoot w/Fav niece @mknzschwb in Mexico!”

The Instagram gallery started with a photo of her niece wearing a bikini while sitting on a boat. “Swipe left for celebration of cellulite cottage cheese thighs...happy to report no photoshopping allowed!” she added in the caption, encouraging her followers to keep clicking through the pics of the duo.

In the next pic, the 64-year-old looks amazing, rocking a rainbow one-piece, posing just like her niece. In the next two photos, the two walk through lush greenery showcasing their beautiful bodies in their respective swimsuits.

The social media world praised Gayle’s latest empowering statement.

Oprah Magazine digital director Arianna David joked, “Sorry @mknzschwb but Auntie Gayle might’ve outposed you this time around ???” to which Schwab replied that her famous aunt “out poses” her “every time ?? i’m just here to serve as inspiration at this point.”

“You look fabulous Gayle,” added body-positive icon Ashley Graham.

“I love these real body posts as they inspire all women to be proud of your body at any age and any stage,” another user added. “Most beautiful pictures on Instagram I have seen. Thanks for sharing.”

Gayle started the game in November 2018: "She picks the pose & I play along .. fav daughter & fav son do not approve. And refused to come .i say Life is short have fun! she’s 22 ..I’m 63.. so who did it best? Swipe left I can take it ...wish I had a two piece suit,” she captioned the Instagram post.

Thanks for sharing your message of self-love, Gayle!

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