Our smooth operators—€”tips, tricks and the perfect products—€”will keep your strands happy all summer long.

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Getty ImagesYou've taken control of a lot of things in life: your workout schedule, those wily PowerPoint presentations, your potato chip cravings. But your hair might just refuse to bend (or straighten!) to your will in summertime. The reason for frizz: "When humidity skyrockets, strands suck up the extra moisture—and pouf," says Nathaniel Hawkins, a New York City hairstylist.This is particularly true for hair that's somewhat dry, including gray strands and any type that's frequently heat-styled or chemically treated. Fortunately, the latest techniques and products can keep your hair neat, sleek and generally gorgeous for the next 90 days and beyond.

Hair type: Curls
As pretty as it can be, curly hair is drier than other textures; all those twists ruffle up the protective outer cuticle, making strands prone to frizz.

In the shower
Shampoo. Check for moisturizing or ultra-hydrating on labels, says cosmetic chemist Perry Romanowski of Chicago. Try Redken Curvaceous Cream shampoo ($17; redken.com).

Conditioner. Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Frizz Control Nourishing Daily conditioner ($6; at mass retailers) packs almond and coconut oils.

When you style
After towel-blotting hair, work in a few egg-size blobs of mousse. Try Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal No Crunch Curls Whip ($7; at mass retailers). "Use mousse to help define curls, keeping them loose, not crispy," says Kevin Mancuso, Nexxus creative director. (If you have curls, you already know not to get carried away—the more you handle them, the fuzzier they become.)

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Getty ImagesHair type: Waves
They're hot now, from the sexy, tousled beach kind to romantic loose coils. But those bends are frizz-prone, and too much hydration can leave hair limp.

In the shower
Shampoo. Scan labels for repair and reconstruct, even if you don't consider your hair damaged, says Hawkins. Those products gently clean and nourish strands. We like Dove Intensive Repair shampoo ($4; at mass retailers).

Conditioner. "Go for one that has light natural oils or silicones to jump-start the frizz-fighting process," says Hawkins. Try Göt2b Oil-licious Triple Oil Golden Shimmer conditioner ($6; at mass retailers), with argan, grapeseed and sunflower seed oils. Apply from mid-length to ends, then just swipe hands over the top of your head, suggests Rachael Coppola, a stylist at Privé Salon in New York City: "That little bit seals out humidity without causing flatness at the roots."

When you style
Towel-dry hair, then mist on a spray gel, which sets waves without crunch. A good pick: Tresemmé Simply No Frizz spray gel ($16; amazon.com). Shake your head to help waves form into their natural pattern and finger-comb—then hands off!

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Getty ImagesHair type: Straight hair
It's the least likely type of hair to go humidity-crazy. The only catch is that pesky halo of flyaways—but the fix is easy.

In the shower
Shampoo. Go low-lather for gentle cleansing; check out Living Proof No Frizz shampoo ($24; livingproof.com).

Conditioner. "Think of it as your first styling product. It smooths hair without weighing it down," Hawkins says. We like Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Fortifying conditioner ($4; drugstore.com).

When you style
Lightly seal hair, especially at likely-to-be-dry ends. Try Suave Professionals Sleek Anti-Frizz cream ($3; at mass retailers). Voilà ! You're so smooth.