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Fitness influencer Kelsey Wells is sharing her advice on making pregnancy stretch marks less visible. After bringing home baby Anderson, her Instagram posts have shown her strong, stretch mark–free core. And everyone wanted to know her secret.

“I posted this pregnancy photo awhile ago and since have received hundreds of comments/messages from you babes asking about my stretch marks and how I got rid of them,” she captioned a before-and-after photo set. “I didn’t develop any stretch marks until the end of my third trimester, but WOW then I developed A LOT in what seemed to be overnight. I had them on my hips, across my stomach, the inside of my thighs, the back of my thighs, and on my breasts.”

Every day, Wells said she massaged her skin with Bio Oil or coconut oil at night and used a moisturizer each morning. Post-pregnancy, she switched it up by applying Mederma for about six weeks in addition to her oil and moisturizer ritual.

“Over the FOUR YEARS since then, I have continued to keep my skin very well hydrated, and though it took TIME (literally years) my stretch marks are now very faint now and some have faded completely. At first I was very concerned with getting them healed, but as I began to live a healthy lifestyle they bothered me less and less.”

Wells said that more important than her physical appearance was her body positive approach to managing her pregnancy skin changes. She made it clear that she's not suggesting all women with stretch marks should try to make them go away. It's great to embrace them, she wrote, but if they bother you, this is what worked for her.

“Whether you have them or not, whether they’re faint or not, whether you choose to [embrace] them and be proud of what they represent or choose to seek methods to help them heal, my best advice is to BE KIND TO YOURSELF!” she wrote. “Because when we are caring for our bodies properly we begin to better appreciate and LOVE them — STRETCH MARKS, CELLULITE, SCARS, BIRTH MARKS, AND ALL. LOVE YOURSELVES BABES!”