This is incredible.

By Kelly Bryant,
Updated March 03, 2021
Credit: Getty Images

Makeup swatches are intended to give consumers an idea of what the shade might look like IRL, but as we all know, different hues don't look the same set against different skin tones. Many beauty brands photograph their products on lighter-skinned ladies, leaving those with darker skin to fend for themselves in terms of determining whether or not that bright pink gloss or orangey-red lipstick will work for them.


Enter Cocoa Swatches, the brainchild of Ofunne Amaka, which is a veritable database of both new and old beauty products to show how they look against a variety of skin tones. Amaka's Instagram account of the same name has long been a trusted source for women looking to do a little research on certain products before committing to a purchase.


Not only is it all kinds of fascinating to see how different colors look against such a wide range of skin tones, Amaka and her followers have some awesome product picks and beauty advice. We're digging her nude lip combo of MAC's Chestnut Lip Pencil, Cosmo Lipstick and Lip Glass in particular.

Just be prepared to get sucked in. You may want to set aside an entire Saturday for perusing the app, because there's so much to see.