Our Editor-in-Chief makes a brave statement, proving the magic our Beauty Awards winners can perform.

Credit: Jay Sullivan

Jay Sullivan


OK, now this took some guts: You are looking at my pasty, makeup-free face. What would have induced me to reveal all in this way? I wanted to show you how much I believe in the power of a few well-placed beauty products to transform any woman from blah to, well, a whole lot better.

Every product used in my "after" shot is a 2012 Health Beauty Awards winner, and the 35 new skin, makeup, and hair products here are probably the most innovative group of products we've ever featured. We focused on finding the buys that help you look as healthy as you feel. Because if you're like me, you can eat well, exercise plenty, and still look washed out unless you get help from the right foundation, blush,lipstick, and, in my case, lots of mascara.