I Wouldn't Be Able to Keep Up My Blonde Hair Without Fanola No Yellow Toning Shampoo

Blondes everywhere have deemed it the "holy grail" of purple-toning shampoos.

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Blondies, listen up: You no longer have to spend time and money on constant hair appointments to keep up with that fresh, vibrant color you leave the salon with. In fact, finding a high-quality at-home toning product is super important for the upkeep of your color—and for the sake of your bank account. So if you've been on the hunt for a purple toning shampoo that actually works, I've found the perfect solution: Fanola's No Yellow Shampoo.

When I decided to make the switch from my natural brown color to a lighter shade a few years ago, I couldn't imagine how I'd keep my color from getting brassy—or worse, turning that dreaded yellow-orange hue—in between color touch-ups. I didn't have the time or money to come in once a month for toning, so I voiced my concerns to my trusted colorist, who instantly recommended I order Fanola's purple shampoo from Amazon.

For the remainder of our appointment, my hairdresser raved over Fanola products and told me that he recommends the Italian brand's no-yellow shampoo, in particular, to everyone who asks. Given that this information came from a top-notch colorist who had been working on blondes for years, I knew I had to give it a try.

My Fanola Shampoo Experience

When I got home, I went online and I was delighted to see that the toner shampoo was so inexpensive for a 350mL bottle. At first, I felt a bit skeptical about how cheap it was—at the time, I was solely using pricey Oribe products on my new blonde locks. But, I remained optimistic, especially after noticing there were more than 2,000 perfect 5-star reviews on the product.

I used the shampoo for the first time about a month later when I felt like my color was starting to turn a bit brassy, and I was immediately in awe of the results. Just like the thousands of customer reviews (and my hairdresser) had mentioned, the Fanola formula did a terrific job of toning the blonde color and taking away any traces of orange, yellow, or brassiness.

Not only did it make my color look beautifully ashy, vibrant, and light, but I was also surprised to notice that it didn't dry out my hair or make the texture feel gross (like many other purple shampoos I tried in the past). It actually made my hair feel smooth, and also had a pleasantly sweet scent.

Fanola’s No Yellow Purple Shampoo

To Buy: Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

My colorist had warned me before my purchase, though, that the Fanola formula is so strong that it shouldn't be used more than a couple of times a week for color touch-ups. If used too often, it can actually make your hair turn lavender or white—so if that's not the look you're going for, it's best not to use it as an everyday shampoo.

He also recommended wearing plastic cosmetic gloves before application because the product can turn your hands purple. While it does tint your hands, I didn't find the gloves to be completely necessary—when I tried it without gloves for the first time, the purple tint on my hands washed off by the time I got out of the shower.

Before-and-After Photos From Amazon Reviewers

After trying Fanola for myself, I wasn't surprised to notice that the no-yellow shampoo is one of Amazon's best-selling beauty products, and the #10 best-selling hair care product on Amazon. Many of the reviews include customers whose hairdressers recommended it to them—just like mine did—and saw amazing results from it.

One reviewer said, "This is the holy grail of purple shampoos. I am a licensed professional and also a platinum blonde and have tried many different purple shampoos and this is by far the best! It is highly pigmented so be careful because it will stain your bathtub."

"It's the BEST purple shampoo I've ever used," another customer raved. "I'm a Prime addict and have never left a review but this I had too! I feel like I've been searching for this purple shampoo my whole life as blonde and for my career as a stylist. I used to tone my hair once every two weeks, since getting this shampoo within three washes I already know I won't have to do that anymore! It is the most PURPLE pigmented shampoo I've ever used! Ever! I am a cosmetologist and nothing compares to this even in the professional lines, I've tried them all. It is TONER in a bottle. Now the best part is the shampoo is actually rich feeling and hydrating to the hair! It does not leave the hair feeling dry!"

If you think this holy-grail toner sounds good to be true, the before-and-after photos included in many of the customer reviews will prove otherwise.


This customer, whose amazing color transformation is shown in the photo above, said, "I'm not one to leave reviews, but this product deserves it! Holy cow! I was going to go into the salon to brighten my hair up, but after discovering this product I canceled my appointment. I'm totally in love! This shampoo is not drying at all and just after two washes, I achieved my desired results! I can't recommend it enough! Photo (from right to left): Before using Fanola, one wash, and two washes. Love, love, LOVE!"


Another reviewer shared her before-and-after photo and called the product a "purple shampoo jackpot." She continued, "Before and after with Fanola no yellow shampoo left on wet hair for 4 minutes. ONE WASH y'all. By far the BEST purple shampoo I've ever used."

Fanola’s Other Hair Care Products

Because the product is only meant to be used once a week or so, this makes an already-cheap product even more affordable—whenever I order a new bottle, it lasts me for months. After becoming a huge fan of the no-yellow shampoo, I was in the market for a replenishing hair mask for color-treated hair and decided to give Fanola's Restructuring Mask a try as well.

Yet again, I was far from disappointed. I use it every once in a while when I feel like my strands are dry and need some extra love, and whenever I do, the creamy, cake-scented formula leaves my hair feeling soft, hydrated, and smooth after I wash it out in the shower. Just like the shampoo, the mask is super affordable for a 500mL tub and lasts a very long time.

Fanola's line of top-quality hair products also includes a 100% Vegan No Yellow Shampoo, a No Yellow Shampoo and Mask duo option, a 1000ml No Yellow Shampoo and Restructuring Conditioner value pack, and more.


If you have light-colored hair, this holy-grail shampoo is a must-have in your hair care collection. With this many fellow blondies and professional colorists obsessed with it, how could you not give it a try?

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