This is genius.

By Kelly Bryant,
Updated November 16, 2015
Credit: Instagram

Creating freckles with makeup isn't as easy as it sounds. Dotted eyeliner never quite stays put or looks inherently natural. Enter Freck Yourself, a temporary tattoo-like kit that delivers a smattering of freckles in an organic-looking way.

The company is brand, spankin' new. So new that they've launched a Kickstarter campaign to get going. Donate $28 and your Freck Yourself kit will be delivered to your door some time in February.

The technique is pretty cool. All you have to do is arrange the provided stencils on your face, press 'em in place, then apply a formula over the stencil. Remove the sheet and it's hello freckles. They last for two days but if you apply a layer daily those beauties will stay put for anywhere from four to six weeks.

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