Turns out those futuristic beauty tools slowly making their way through the social media feeds of your fave celebs and beauty gurus are vibrating facial massagers—and they actually have a handful of benefits.

By Braelyn Wood
Updated January 08, 2020
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When Olivia Culpo shared her everyday skincare routine earlier this year on on Youtube, one strange beauty tool immediately stood out from the rest: the Nurse Jamie NuVibe Rx Amethyst Massager ($95; dermstore.com or sephora.com).

Reminiscent of a chic galactic weapon, the amethyst wand is the first vibrating facial massager from Jamie Sue Sherrill (i.e. Nurse Jamie) and uses sonic vibrations to pulse 6,000 times per minute. In the video and on her blog, Culpo shared the NuVibe Rx “really helps to get the product into the skin” and is a part of her daily regimen (at least when she has the time).

While we’d never complain about a good celebrity promo, or making the most of our beauty products, we couldn’t help but wonder if there were actually any benefits to incorporating facial massagers, like the NuVibe Rx, into our skincare routines. So, we turned to the experts.

NYC dermatologist Julia Tzu, MD, founder and medical director of Wall Street Dermatology, clarified that vibrating massagers increase your natural tissue circulation, which reduces puffiness. The rapid vibrations actually act as lymphatic massages that kickstart drainage. That means you’ll instantly see results after just one treatment—even if they’re only temporary.

A quick facial massage can also be super relaxing, making them a great form of stress relief in addition to improving circulation and relieving inflammation. But that doesn’t mean you should use a vibrating facial massager every day. In fact, Dr. Tzu warns against it and suggests you only use a facial massager when your skin actively feels puffier, like during your period.

“An extra push in circulation and a gentle facial massage is always nice on those days,” she adds.

If you’re ready to start using a facial massager at home, Dr. Tzu recommends you read the packaging carefully and treat delicate areas, like the eyes, with caution. She suggests avoiding “motions that would stretch the skin downwards too much (gravity already helps us out with that) or place too much undue stress across the skin.”

Considering the benefits of facial massagers, adding one into your skincare routine sounds like a given. Fortunately, Culpo isn’t the only celebrity giving the NuVibe Rx her social media support.

nurse-jaime-amethyst-massager nurse-jaime amethyst-massager facial woman health wellbeing massager skin celebrity
Credit: youtube.com / instagram.com

Jessica Alba and Sarah Hyland, both clients of Nurse Jamie, also shared their adoration of the crystal roller on social media. Hyland kicked off the love train with a post to her Instagram stories professing “amethyst is heaven” in late 2018. Then Alba shared her entire skincare routine on Instagram in early 2019, and the vibrating facial massager made the cut of her clean (and honest) routine.

The $95 price tag might feel like a stretch, but the handheld NuVibe is actually one of the more affordable options on the market where many models, like the ReFa Carat Face ($220, dermstore.com), cost hundreds of dollars. Unfortunately, it won’t make you an A-lister. But it will make your look skin a-mazing!

nuvibe-face-massager nuvibe face-massager beauty skin woman health wellbeing celebrities
Credit: Getty Images / Sephora

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