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Maybe I don’t log in enough hours of sleep, or maybe I don’t drink enough water. Or, maybe it’s that I have a genetic tendency for the trait. Regardless of the reasons, my dark circles have returned with vengeance. In fact, a friend told me (in the nicest way possible) that it looked like I had been punched in the face. Things are dark. Things are very dark.


But as a lover of beauty, I know my problem has a solution. Sure, I know concealer will cover them up, but I want to eliminate the issue entirely, or at least almost entirely. My plan of action? Reaching for a hydrating, but more importantly, brightening eye cream so that my signs of exhaustion will finally disappear.


So in case you’re in the same boat, I’ve saved you some time and rounded up a few (plus the one I’m currently using) that all promise a brighter future. Well, at least for your under-eyes.

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