Scientists in search of the Fountain of Youth share their findings. You can try these tricks today!

Rest up.
During deep sleep, your skin grows cells, builds proteins, and repairs damage from stress and sun. Aim for seven hours of zzzs a night.

Drink up.
Hydrating from the inside out will keep skin firm and plump. Sneak in eight cups of water a day. Sip green tea at your desk, have soup for lunch, snack on some juicy watermelon (91% water) or crisp cucumber (95%).

Straighten up.
Rounded, hunched shoulders age you instantly. Heres a one-minute refresher from Janice Novak, author of Posture: Get It Straight. Stand tall with knees soft (not locked). Inhale. Exhale, pulling your belly button back toward your spine. Lift the front of your rib cage an inch or two. Check that your ear, shoulder, hip, and ankle are all in alignment, and—voilà!—bye-bye hunchback.