The fitness expert shared her go-to skincare products with us. 

By Blake Bakkila
July 12, 2018

Emily Skye may be well-known for her health and fitness advice, but we needed to know something about her beauty routine: What keeps her brow game so strong? The wellness influencer tells Health she relies on a few products to keep her brows full and well-groomed.

“If I don’t have a photo shoot or filming or a meeting, I won’t wear any makeup,” she says. “But my eyebrows—I won’t leave the house without using an eyebrow gel or pencil. My eyebrows are pretty out of control. They’re pretty wild.”

Fuller brows are an enduring trend, and Skye says the brand Benefit Cosmetics has some of her favorite go-tos. The first thing she grabs is their Precisely, My Brow Pencil.

“I use it to fill them in and define a little bit,” she says, adding that she’s also loving the 3D BROWtones Instant Color Highlights to hold them in place. “I also love Gimme Brow [eyebrow gel] because I love thick, natural brows.”

To keep her brows from getting too unruly, Skye plucks any hairs that are out of place and uses a brush and scissors to trim. About once a month, she applies an at-home eyebrow dye from 1000 Hour. “It’s really easy to use and helps with getting ready so you don’t have to pencil them in as much,” she says.

Along with her eyebrows, Skye uses one other beauty product every day: Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm. "I like a few different colors, but Hibiscus is my favorite one,” she says. “It gives you a bit of color."

Her fresh-faced look is supplemented by her extensive skincare routine, which starts with keeping hydrated. While she says it’s often overlooked, she credits drinking a lot of water for her clear skin. As for the products she trusts, Skye switches it up between the HydroPeptide and Ultraceutical systems.

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When she was pregnant with baby Mia, who is now almost seven months old, she had eyelash extensions. Now back to her natural lashes, Skye says HydroPeptide’s Lash serum is helping them grow back.

Skye cleanses her face up to three times each night (“to make sure everything is off!”), and uses a serum before applying moisturizer or a hydrating mask. A few times per week, she exfoliates using a Clarisonic brush to remove dead skin. Every once in a while, she goes in for a microdermabrasion, chemical peel, or dermaneedling appointment.

Like any exercise regimen, your skincare routine can take some time to perfect. With these essentials from Skye, we can hone in on certain features—like our brows and lips—to make mornings more manageable.