MAC Cosmetics is scheduled to release a new collection that pays tribute to fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez on September 12th, but there's one thing in particular about the launch that stopped us in our tracks: His ageless muses.
Credit: MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics is scheduled to release a new collection that pays tribute to fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez on September 12th, but there’s one thing in particular about the launch that stopped us in our tracks:

His ageless muses.

Iconic models Jerry Hall, Pat Cleveland, and Marisa Berenson are featured in the campaign and just as their careers have lasted for decades, these ladies have also managed to defy the laws of aging. Sure, great genes are involved, but a few runway makeup tricks can also help turn back the hands of time.

Want to learn how to eliminate wrinkles and dark spots with just a simple swipe of a brush or a dab of makeup? We asked several celebrity makeup artists for their expert tips on how to make your features appear more youthful.
Avoid Powder

“Powders tend to settle into lines and wrinkles, making them look worse,” says television host and lifestyle expert Rebekah George. “Creamy formulas help moisturize and plump up lines.” To stop shine during the day, use blotting papers instead.


Television makeup artist Joy Nichelle Randall, whose work has appeared on David Letterman and MTV, says mature women who want to look their most glamorous should skip eyeshadows and blushes featuring shimmer and glitter. “Lean to matte textures,” she explains. Randall also recommends foundations with light diffusers. “They put the oomph back into the skin that can fade over time.” Look for products featuring the words “mineral” and “illuminating for best results. For recommendations, Randall says to consider Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent or MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish.



“Use a cream blush to make cheeks look more hydrated and lifted,” says Denver-based makeup artist Kate McCarthy. “Creams have a more dewy finish, which will reflect light, making skin look brighter.” Make sure to blend well on the apples of your cheeks to avoid streaks. Laura Mercier's Creme Cheek Color promises to deliver a "soft, velvety finish."


When it comes to applying foundation, there are specific areas of your face you should be highlighting to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and dullness that comes with age. “Use a silicone-based foundation and apply it to the center of the face if you are lighter-to-medium skin toned,” says makeup artist Amanda Shackleton. “This is generally the area where you need more coverage. Don’t cover the entire face. Too much foundation will age you and weigh your skin down." If your skin tone is medium or deep, Shackleton says you may need to put foundation along the outer areas of the face, as well as around the mouth to smoothen out any discoloration.

Plump Up Your Pout

Emmy Award-winning makeup artist Vanessa Elese says as you get older, lips can lose some of their fullness, but fortunately, there’s a pain-free way to enhance their shape. First, it's important to make sure your lips are exfoliated and moisturized to keep them hydrated and smooth. “You can use an at-home exfoliant using brown sugar and honey to lightly slough off dead skin, refresh with moisture, and enliven your natural lip tone,” she explains. When applying lipstick, make sure you frame the lips with a nude-toned pencil. “Outline the outside corners (of your lips) and create a nice definition for a balanced pout,” says Elese. “Conceal the corners of your mouth where redness can creep up. This also helps to softly create a frame around your lips.” Finish your look with a dewy rose lipstick, which can give the appearance of a plumper pout.


Primers may be best known for keeping makeup in place, but according to Randall, they offer other significant benefits worth noting. “They fill in lines, diffuse large pores, and smooth the skin,” she states. Randall recommends MAC Prep + Prime SPF 50, which is both a primer and a sunscreen. Not only does it control shine, but it also protects your face from damaging sun rays that can cause premature aging.

Line Eyes Properly

Nothing makes eyes pop like a swipe of eyeliner, but it’s important to take it easy with the application. All that tugging and pulling from the pencil can cause unwanted fine lines around the eyes. Keep it simple and gently apply.


Spent the night tossing and turning? Shackleton advises hiding dark circles with a peach-based concealer applied near the duct area of the undereye. “Less is more for concealer,” She says. “Always use a minimal amount. Nothing looks worse than thick concealer enhancing crow’s feet and lines around the eye.”

This article originally appeared on Fox News Magazine