Your flat iron has some tricks up its sleeve.

February 01, 2019

Flat irons are a beauty cabinet staple. Some women use them to tame their curls, and others rely on the heat they give off to get frizz under control. What most women don’t know, however, is your flat iron can actually be used for more than just making your hair, well, flat. With a few simple tricks, you can use your flat iron to give your mane serious texture. Here, how to get luscious beach waves using this go-to tool.

First things first, separate your hair into sections using clips. Starting with the bottom layer, grab a thin section of hair and feed it into the straightener, making “S” shapes. Pro tip: Tap your straightener as you go. Do this around your entire head, working from the bottom layers to the top. Next, run your fingers through your mane while applying hairspray. Don’t be afraid to add a little mousse for extra texture too. Just like that, you’re ready to go show off those head-turning bouncy locks.

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