It took 7 years to develop, and it shows.
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The wicker basket above my toilet is a graveyard for abandoned hair products. There, you’ll find my once-beloved flat iron tucked between old hair brushes and half-empty bottles of dry shampoo. I stopped using straighteners a few years ago after deciding my hair health was better for it. My hair felt like it was being yanked and pulled to the brink of breakage every time I used it, and I could only imagine the heat damage. So we parted ways and I vowed to never try another flat iron again. Then Dyson launched its first-ever straightener, the Corrale ($499;

The company recognized the same flaw in traditional flat irons that had led to my abstinence: They use tension to pull your hair straight before unevenly applying heat, so every section of hair requires several passes that eventually leaves it damaged and dull. Instead of adding to the world of subpar flat irons, Dyson spent 7 years developing a solution. 

The innovative model has hair plates made from magnesium copper that actually conform to your hair. Their flexible design is a result of their ultra-thin profile, which is just 65 micron in width (that’s slightly thinner than a human hair). As a result, the plates apply heat evenly to all strands, so it takes just one pass to style without causing flyaways. Even better? The reduction in passes results in 50% less heat damage, according to Dyson.

Of course, the innovation doesn’t stop there. The straightener also uses Intelligent Heat Technology, like the brand’s other hair tools: It has a platinum sensor that measures the temperature 100 times every second to ensure the heating system stays at your desired setting—360, 365, or 410 degrees Fahrenheit—without fluctuating.  

Needless to say, my first experience with the straightener was magic. I had to literally stop myself from going over a piece of hair multiple times after years of habit engrained the pattern into my muscles. And while I typically opt for the highest heat setting—I have an abundance of thin hair follicles that equate to medium-thick hair—I discovered the lowest setting still gave me perfectly smooth, sleek locks. 

Perhaps the craziest part was how much volume was still left once I was done styling. Unlike other straighteners, Dyson’s design doesn’t require you to sacrifice volume for pin-straight hair. In fact, my hair looked pretty similar to when I use Revlon’s one-step dryer, which gives a spectacular blowout with lots of volume. Plus, it took less than 10 minutes to straighten my entire head, including the patches of extra-wavy hair hidden at the nape of my neck.

Before and after hair of dyson straighter with long hair

Beyond giving me sleek locks with less damage—a huge perk—one of my favorite parts of Dyson’s straightener is the cordless design. It’s exponentially easier to style your hair when a cord isn’t flopping around your face, especially when curling. Thankfully, the battery has enough power to get you through 30 minutes of uninterrupted styling. You can get extra juice by plugging the straightener into its handy charging stand between passes; if you know your ‘do will take longer, simply plug in the 360-degree cord. 

Plus, it’s totally safe to pack in your carry-on, since Dyson created a special airplane tab that allows you to stop the flow of juice between the heaters and battery as needed. That way, you can take it on the airplane without stressing over airline standards. It also comes with a sleek velvet carrying case that doubles as a travel mat for quick airport bathroom touch-ups. 

Credit: Nordstrom

However, there’s one clear downside to the straightener: the price point. Fortunately, we know Dyson’s high-quality tools are well worth the investment. Its less-damaging technology means it’s not only great for people that straighten every day, but also an enticing pick for anyone starting to incorporate a flat iron into their routine again.  

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