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Every once in a while, someone recommends a strange beauty hack that leaves us scratching our heads. But if that someone is Drew Barrymore, we can’t help but pay attention and take notes—because clearly, it works.

Back in 2018, the Santa Clarita star and Flower Beauty founder wrote an entire Instagram post devoted to Evian’s Facial Spray ($13, was $19; amazon). The kicker? She wasn’t raving out the thermal water’s natural moisturizing properties. Nope, Barrymore is all about using Evian’s spray to get the perfect beachy waves in her hair.

“It can give the hair gentle beachy waves when minimally sprayed on dry hair. And then walk away! Just let it do it’s thing,” she captioned the post. “It will softly separate your stands and give a mild texture. OR you can go to town. Spray a bunch in and scrunch the hair with your hands or dry with a diffuser for lots of kinky fun curl.”

But why does this facial spray work so well on hair? Turns out the “perfect atomizer,” which was originally designed to create an ultra-fine mist that could penetrate the skin’s epidermis, also evenly distributes the product to curly or wavy locks. Barrymore actually equates this to a “diffuser on a hair dryer.” That means every strand receives just the right amount of hydration from each misting.

Evian Facial Spray
Credit: Amazon

To buy: Evian Facial Spray ($13, marked down from $19);

The 44-year-old mom of two also said she uses the spray to detangle her daughter’s knots. Unlike traditional detanglers, the pure mineral water has no chemical residue. In fact, the neutral 7.2pH levels means spritzing on this formula is safe for even the most sensitive skin types.

If you’re not sold on the hair-boosting properties, the facial mist can also be used as a setting spray, to moisturize skin, or to refresh your face with a dewy afternoon glow. You can also take it along to the beach or pool on sunny summer days for an easy, on-the-go cleanser to remove salt water and chlorine from the skin.

With so many different uses, it’s no surprise this beauty product has 4.5 stars on Amazon. Between replacing one reviewer’s lineup of moisturizers altogether or keeping another reviewer’s skin looking younger for almost 40 years, it’s a life-changing product for many.

So what are you waiting for? Embrace your inner Barrymore and add this Prime Day deal to your cart ASAP before Amazon’s annual shopping celebration (and this Barrymore-approved beauty discount) come to an end tonight.

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