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Plus, her top 5 favorite beauty products that start at just $12.

Drew Barrymore may have recently announced a partnership with the body-toning company behind Emsculpt, but her fitness regimen isn’t the only thing she’s changed with age. During an interview at an Emsculpt event, Barrymore, 44, told Health that her beauty routine experienced a major shift as she entered her 40s.

"It used to be a lot more subtle but now I’m like, the more impact products, you know? 34, totally different story. 44, totally different story,” said The Santa Clarita Diet star. “I don’t buy handbags and I don’t buy expensive clothes and I don’t drive expensive cars, but I will throw down for a good moisturizer.”

In terms of skincare, hydration is now Barrymore’s number one priority, and she shops accordingly. “I’m just really into anything that can hydrate my skin without a lot of oil,” she explained, “because I just break out immediately and then I’m like, ‘Well, I’d rather be dry than have acne.’ So I’m just finding all these things that are super hydrating but not irritating my skin.” Her current go-to ingredient for moisture? Vitamin E.

Though she’s clearly not afraid to splurge on an amazing product (see: “will throw down for a good moisturizer”), the mother of two knows that high prices don’t always mean high quality in the world of beauty. Plus, she said, shoppers can “always find the equivalent” of an expensive product for less at their local drugstore.

Naturally, when we asked Barrymore about her favorite beauty products, she had plenty of wisdom to share. Whether you’re in the market for a new hair mask or a remedy for chapped lips, these five Drew-approved picks—all available on Amazon—have you covered.

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