Dove's new video encourages women and girls to embrace their #curlpower.


Only 4 in 10 young girls think curly hair is beautiful, and only 10% of curly-haired women in the U.S. can say they're proud of their hair, according to surveys done by Dove. Growing up, I definitely fell into that other 90%. I have thick, wavy-curly hair that can be...hard to manage. “Your hair has a mind of its own!” was a sentiment I heard a lot when I was younger.

All this is to say that I can relate to the new Love Your Curls campaign from Dove Hair. Okay: so the video is a little cheesy (per usual for the beauty company's spots), and sure, it may seem like such a small thing. But overall I'd say encouraging women to embrace their natural #curlpower isn't a bad message—especially given what the girls in the video had to say about their hair.

Aisha, 6, says, “I want my hair to be straight, because when you have your hair straight it’s really smooth.” Then the women behind the camera asks, “Do you think that’s more beautiful?” and Aisha nods her head, and says “Yeah.”

Later in the video, Jewel, 11, adds: “Sometimes I wish I could just rip it out, but I’m not going to do that.” I hear ya, Jewel.

The video ends with a montage of curly-haired mothers and daughters walking hand-in-hand to a mini-concert featuring (of course) a curly-haired band and a room full of curly-haired women singing, "We all love our curls." Like I said: it's a bit much, but since it's all in the name of self-acceptance I'm willing to dance along.