Tired of unpronounceable ingredients in your store-bought soaps? Get back to basics by creating your own body wash—with ingredients you’ve actually heard of.

Updated August 09, 2017

Picking up body wash from the drugstore is simple. Reading the product’s ingredient list? That’s a whole other story. In fact, some of the products you apply to your skin are packed with unrecognizable chemicals that you probably can’t even pronounce. But is that really what you want your pores to absorb? We decided to get back to basics by creating our own body wash using ingredients we’ve actually heard of. In this video, you’ll see how simple it is to throw together six ingredients to create a rejuvenating DIY body wash your skin will love.

First, we combine super-hydrating coconut and olive oils. Next, we throw in honey and a dye-free, unscented soap. Then, we whisk the combination together for about three minutes using an electric mixer. After that, we add 20 drops of antioxidant-rich vitamin E oil and finish it all off with a few dashes of peppermint oil for an energizing and clean scent. (You can use any essential oil you want, such as calming lavender or a refreshing citrus blend.)

Just like that, your DIY body wash is ready. Transfer the mixture from the bowl to a bottle using a funnel, then lather up...whenever! The natural ingredients may settle and separate. If that happens, have no fear–your homemade body wash is still safe. Just give the bottle a good shake before each use.

No drugstore product can beat this body wash’s all-natural formulation, and it’s gentle enough that it’s safe for a range of skin types. Just mix together the six ingredients to do stripped-down skincare right.